8 Best Apps to turn text into speech for free

Although highly recommended, not everyone is able to maintain a reading routine or even enjoy enough of the activity to want this. However, it is now possible to follow several stories of fiction, non-fiction and read that college book that is eras to be able to finish without having to open a book at all.

Through these 8 applications to turn text into audio, you can convert your major books to a counted reading, allowing you to listen to them on the way to work or in bank queues, without the need to carry the books in the backpack. In addition, they are also suitable for people who can not see, allowing them to listen to the content. Find out what they are

1. AIReader

Dedicated to narrating fiction books, AIReader has support for various types of extensions, such as Microsoft Word documents and even HTML. In that case, your only failure is not to support reading PDF files. One of its peculiarities is to use artificial intelligence to identify the most read books by all the users of the app and mounting an automatic list of 100 best books and authors, available for users who seek recommendations for the next reading.

AIReader is a unique application for Android, it is free and has a huge range of additional features, including the ability to synchronize where the user has stopped reading between different devices.

2. Balabolka

Exclusive application for Windows computers, Balabolka is a free text to audio converter. The programme can read almost any type of files, being one of those that has greater compatibility between extensions of text. It also has a wide variety of languages and converts your texts to MP3 format. Click the link to learn more about Balabolka.

3. WordTalk

Although not an application itself, WordTalk also lets you turn text into audio. Unlike most apps in this list, it serves only as an extension to Word. You can install WordTalk on any version – including the older version that works with Word’s DOC format. In addition to reading your texts aloud, the extension allows you to save these narrations. Access the link to install WordTalk for free in your Microsoft Word.

4. Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a free app, available for Windows. In the free version, you can use the application to read a text in PDF, Docx, TXT and ePub. The software also allows you to change the read speed and a bar that allows you to read texts that are being displayed in other applications.

This application has three types of plans with additional functions, including the ability to read web pages instantly and more voice options. click on the link to download Natural Reader on your computer.

5. Panopreter Basic

The simplest program in our list of apps to turn audio into text. Panopreter Basic reads only files in Word formats, in addition to TXT, RTF and web pages. You can set voice volume and speed, create MP3 audio files and it also supports a variety of languages. Panopreter Basic can only be downloaded to Windows through the link.

6. Text2Speech

A unique application for the Mac, Text2Speech has the ability to read texts in up to 10 different languages – including Portuguese, of course – as well as bringing voice options that can be set according to your listening speed. The app also features a paid version that features additional features and tools, but you can now download the free version by visiting the link.

7. Text to Speech (TTS)

TTS is a very simple and lightweight application that allows users to write their own sentences so they can be read aloud by the smartphone. Basic settings such as volume adjustment, speed and voice tone can be made. It is super simple to use and is also capable of exporting the audio files as wave files.

The app is entirely free and has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play. Of course, it is not meant to turn existing books or audio files, since there is a limit of characters that prevents it from doing so. Even so, it can be very useful,  access through the link to download it on your Android!

8. VoxDox

Available for Android, VoxDox is an application dedicated to transforming text into audio. With it, you can convert PDF files in Word and simple TXT to MP3 format, allowing you to listen to any documents, notes or books. The app has voices in 20 different languages and you can also use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to scan a physical document.   download it through the link for your Android!

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