9 Apps to Edit Photos You May Not Know

Internet is full of lists and more lists of apps to edit photos, but it looks like we’re seeing the same tools all the time. There are some apps that few people know about, but it does an incredible job of catching them. What’s more, new tools have come up and little is said about them. So let’s list some apps to edit photos that not everyone knows and they’re amazing!

1. Huji

Huji is part of the new apps that came with the fever of the perfect photos for Instagram. It came as a way to honor the 90’s, marked by the photos of the cameras disposable of the time. This application works to give vintage effects, with the same aspect of Fujifilm.

Just open the application, take a picture and have the old filter ready, being able to add flash and tweak the quality and exposure of the image. Huji is available for iOS.

2. Pixlr

This is more of a tool we used on the computer but soon migrated to smartphones. Pixlr is an app for editing photos that contains several different features. You can add ready filters, frames, and lights so your photos have an old effect.

Available for Android and iOS.

3. 1967 – Vintage Filters

This tool is great for you who likes to have varieties of features when editing your photos. It has a clean interface and its functionality is 90%, as there are some errors – which can be relieved.

1967 contains a series of ready-made filters, some of which are similar to those of Instagram, and image-cropping and trimming features. This app is only available for iOS.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is an app for editing photos directly from your smartphone. With it, you can edit photos, use the camera in the application itself and post directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

It offers numerous ready-made effects, cutting and adjustment tools, noise-making features, red-eye, brush, etc. It has a clean interface and is very easy to use. Available for Android and iOS.

5. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is another great alternative among photo editing apps, being really complete and practical. It has a wide range of tools, allowing its users to make cuts, collages, fit into image curves and even add text to them.

In addition, the app also offers frames, backgrounds, and borders to help you refine the final result even more. Another very interesting differential is the possibility to edit images in real time with your friends, through a group of pop-chart within the app. Are you interested? It is free and can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

6. Aviary

Aviary Photo Editor is a tool for editing images. Its range of features includes ready-made effects, enhancement, such as HDR, adjustments to night shots, among other things. This app also provides frames, stickers and many other tools that enhance your photos. Available for Android and iOS.

7. Photoreceptor

Fotor is an application for editing photos, making it possible to make special collages and montages. With it, it is possible to correct errors, such as removing pimples and blemishes, adjust lighting, add texts and stickers, among many other features.

What’s more, it has a login option where users can assemble a profile within the application itself. Great for those who like to interact with people who are passionate about photography. Available for Android and iOS.

8. Cymera Camera-Selfie

Cymera is an application developed with the focus on editing of selfies. It features effects that can be applications automatically, allowing the user to adjust the intensity for more natural results. In addition, you can also make manual edits using your various tools. The app makes it possible to capture new photos using filters and effects applied to the camera’s own camera, with more than 130 augmented reality filters.

As well as silent mode options for your photos, removing the clicking noise of the camera. And of course, you can share all the final results through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social networks. It’s free, download it right now for iOS and Android!

9. PhotoGrid

Photogrid is the best tool for making collages in your photos. Working with one of the oldest and most complete for this kind of content, this app has a number of features that make your montages even more incredible.

In addition to the layouts options for colleges, you can change the borders, background, aspect ratio, text, and many other things. You can edit photos and tinker with the footage separately. Available for Android and iOS.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!


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