15 Apps and tricks to boost your typing speed fast

Typing faster is something much desired by most people today, especially for those who work using the computer for most of the day. Of course, this is not something that you can do overnight, so you need to take certain tips into consideration and do some practical exercises. So we’ve separated some of the best tips and apps to help speed your typing. You can check the complete list just below!

1. Be careful about posture

To begin with, it’s important that you have a good overall posture before you start typing. This is important for a large number of reasons, but keep in mind that the more comfortable you are, the less you will be moving or adjusting later, allowing you to type faster.

This holds for your hands and arms, which will not hurt or bother you, and you can type for longer without interruption. Other than that, you will not have long term problems with your body.

2. Rest your arms on a surface

Since we have mentioned your posture, it is worth talking about the position of your arms. You should keep your arms resting on the surface next to the keyboard.

If you use a notebook, you’ll have plenty of space under your keyboard to rest your arms. If you use a separate keyboard, there are great models that already have this rest, but you can also buy special and cushioned accessories for that.

3. Always return to the same keys

This is an older tip, but it still works for you want to learn how to type faster. This basically consists of always putting your fingers back to the same keys when you finish writing a sentence.

Most people place the fingers of the left hand over the “ASDF” keys and the fingers of the right hand over the “JKL;” keys. Of course, this is just a reference and usually works because those keys are right in the middle of the keyboard.

Our recommendation is that you find the most comfortable place to return when you finish a sentence. Either way, it helps a lot to know where the keys are relative to your fingers, something that eventually increases your speed.

4. Do not move your hands over the keyboard

The previous topic takes us to another very important aspect: you should not move your hands along the keyboard. This also takes into account the tip of letting your arms rest under the keyboard.

This not only increases your speed but also brings more comfort to the hands and arms in general. Of course, we are talking about situations where you just have to reach for the keys in the vicinity of your fingers.

If you need to use the keys more distant, there is no problem in moving a little. The trick is to try to maintain your position whenever possible, but without being completely restricted.

5. Do not look at the keyboard as you type

Not looking at the keyboard while typing is one of the most important tips on our list. If you stare, you will end up depending on that eye contact to know where the keys are.

This will cause you to switch attention between the keyboard and the computer screen to see if everything is written correctly or if there are errors to be reviewed. Therefore, we recommend that you return your hands to the same keys, as this will help you to know the keyboard more deeply.

6. Increase speed slowly

It’s no use wanting to force your speed to increase greatly in a short time. Even if you exercise fast, the result will begin to appear gradually.

We say this because it does not help to be extremely fast in the first 5 minutes of writing and then start to get in the way for the rest of the session. To be efficient, the speed must be constant and done in a natural way.

7. Take breaks

An important tip that not everyone takes into account: take breaks while writing. We are not talking about breaks of a certain time for each hour of writing but of breaks good enough so that you do not start to get in the way.

Many people start shuffling the words and the keys after writing for a long time at a high speed. It is also possible that you simply begin to write more slowly through fatigue. So it’s good to stop a bit, relax your hands and straighten out your posture before continuing.

8. Use all your fingers

It is still common to see people typing using only the index fingers of each hand. While it may be easier for these people (more by custom anyway), this brings a great deal of slowness when typing.

Our tip is that you use all your fingers when typing, or that you have to practice hard before doing it naturally. If you want some practical tips: The minimum fingers can be used for keys more distant, while the thumbs are with the “Space” key.


1. Keybr

Keybr is an online app that you can use to learn how to type faster. It gives some of the tips we’ve already mentioned here, including the resting position of the fingers.

Other than that, he has exercises for you to go by typing small groups of letters, words, phrases, paragraphs, etc. The progression of these exercises is very good and the app still takes your progress into consideration. Click the link to see more about it.

2. Typing.com

Typing.com is another very simple online app that you can use to start typing faster. The website itself is very simple and can be used for free and without the need for registration.

There are many exercises you can perform, and your performance and progress are always shown. You can continue your workouts at any time with an account on the site, which is great for anyone who wants continuity. Click on the link to check it out.

3. Typing Master

Typing Master has several apps, games, tips, and exercises you can select and use to type faster and better. Your apps can be used online or installed on your computer, depending on what you prefer.

Many of these applications can be used in a limited way for free, but you can also buy them for different prices. You can check more about the site through the link.

4. Type Racer

Type Race is another online app that offers many exercises to improve your speed. In fact, it even has a fun option for you to make a competition of who types faster among your friends.  Click on the link to check the site.

5. Typing test

TypingTest is a very interesting website that you can use to know exactly what your current typing speed is. It offers free tests with words that you need to type in a certain time limit.

You can customize the test time, the subject of the words and even the language used. The good thing is to take the test before and after you start exercising or following our tips, so you will have a good idea of your progress. Click the link to check it.

6. Stamina Typing Tutor

Stamina Typing Tutor is a very interesting online app for anyone looking to improve their typing. The cool thing about the site is that it offers a traditional method and looks like the others, but it also has alternative exercises.

These alternative exercises consist of a more relaxed approach and make use of sounds, music, and images to help you in speed. You can check more through the link.

7. Rapid Typing

Rapid Typing is another online application that gives you some insight into how you can improve your speed. Of course, it also has several practical exercises.

It is worth mentioning that it has exercises for children and adults, so it is perfect for those looking for a complete experience. You can check more about it in the link.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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