iOS 13: Apple can bring dual Bluetooth to iPhone 11

Have you found yourself wanting to be able to send a song simultaneously to two Bluetooth devices? Certainly, it will not have been the only one and according to new information, the Apple iPhone 11 generation will allow this. Support for dual Bluetooth can already arrive with the next iPhone and iOS 13 in September 2019.

When support for multiroom audio with AirPlay 2, dual Bluetooth will be added.

Apple can bring dual Bluetooth to iPhone 11 with iOS 13

According to information released by the publication, Apple is going to improve the playback of audio via Bluetooth already on the iPhone 11. To be true, we will have a dual audio output via Bluetooth that will unlock new possibilities and, at the same time, you can join the users.

The dual Bluetooth en route to the Apple iPhone 11

As a result of dual Bluetooth, two people will be able to hear the same song on two pairs of AirPods, the source being a single iPhone. The premise is simple, but so far we can only send audio to one Bluetooth device at a time. Therefore, we are always confronted with a choice.

Although it is possible to pair the iPhone with several Bluetooth devices, we can only send audio to one at a time. In other words, it is possible to have several devices registered, but we only use one to listen to music or receive audio. In the future, this may change, thanks also to the iOS 13 system.

It will still be possible to have an iOS smartphone connected to Apple Watch as well as AirPods. However, we still can not put two devices to play the same audio simultaneously. Something that, incidentally, is already possible in some Android devices, being the prerequisite dualBluetooth audio.

Send music to AirPods and to the car?

Already according to the aforementioned publication, Apple iPhone 11 may be connected to your car entertainment system, as well as the company’s wireless headsets, the AirPods. This was the example used by Macotakara, to illustrate the possible implementation of this novelty for iOS and iPhone.

It will thus be possible to send the navigation instructions to the car’s entertainment system and at the same time send the music from the iPhone to the headset. A duality that up to now was not possible on iOS devices. As early as September 2019, with the Apple iPhone 11, this may change.

It is a convenience, nothing more, but it is always welcome. On the other hand, it should be stressed that dual Bluetooth audio is not exempt from its casual failures. By the way, we see this in some Samsung devices that sometimes get shuffled when turning the peripherals on and off.

The news arrives in September 2019 with iOS 13

In addition, the Cupertino technology may include power-sharing through wireless charging. In practice, this would let you load the AirPods with the Apple iPhone 11, being something already present in several Android manufacturers. Simply put the headset, or other devices, on the back of your next iPhone.

The Dual Bluetooth Audio, name of likely technology, may be presented in September. Apparently, the Cupertino technology will maintain its usual schedule of launches and we know that the month of September will host the launch event.

Finally, the source suggests that this function can reach the previous devices with a software update for iOS 13. Among the list of devices chosen we have the iPhone 8, X, XR, and XS, in addition to the next generation iPhone 11.

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