Android distribution in May 2019: After 6 months, Google updates the statistics

Android fragmentation May 2019. During the Google I/O, BigG finally announces the distribution data of its operating system updated to the current month with 9 Pie that breaks through 10%

Android P distribution in May 2019

Android Distribution May 2019: Finally Android Pie and with what percentages !!!

Finally, Google updates the Android distribution data and in May 2019  after 6 months of blocking, during the Google I/O, BigG showed the fragmentation data of Android that at the 9 Pie version finally shows the first important signals, where 6 months after the last survey, it reaches 10 percentage points. If Android 8 Oreo, leaps to 28.3, with a jump of about 7 points in 6 months, and is at the top of the ranking among the most popular distributions, Nougat has always collapsed by 9 points and is in second place with 19.2%.

Oreo is in the lead but Pie is already at 10.4% with the latest official Android distribution that is installed on 1 device out of 10, and although the odds are very low it is always better than Android Oreo did last year.

So Google still finds many difficulties with Android as the market penetration of the millions of Android smartphones is very slow and many months, about 8, Android 9 Pie shows the first important signals of arrival on the market, thanks to the new smartphones arrived already with the last Android version and some updates here and there that allowed Pie to reach a good quota almost in mid-2019.

-2.9% of Lollipop which with 11.5% is down by almost 3 points, Marshmallow (6.0) is still at 16.9%, always down by 4.4% and then just off the podium we find  KitKat with a decline of 0.5% and now destined to be reduced within a year given that it has 10.4%.
So all the distributions lose shares except Pie, who finally sees the last world domination of the last distribution officially released on the market. Then we always find the irresistible versions like Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread that did not disappear from the statistics and indeed version 2.3 also marks an incredible + 0.1%.

In short, after years of Android versions, Google has not yet managed to minimize the fragmentation of Android that is divided into 3/4 distributions that compete for the market.

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