How to Analyze Source Code of any APK files easily

APKTool 2.4 will allow you to easily discover the source code of APK files and reverse engineer the files used to create Android apps (such as EXE files for Windows)

Analyze APK Android files easily with the new version of APKTool

Analyze APK Android files easily with the new version of APKTool

APKTool is a fantastic program that allows you to decompile the APK file used on Android for the Apps (they are like executable files in .EXE format for Windows) and analyze the source code.

This operation is called reverse engineering, which allows you to view the code with which an application was programmed, and APKTool allows you to do this for Android apps. In practice this transrforms applications in Java code, and in the latest version of APKTool, 2.4, decompilation is much simpler.

APKTool is a multi-platform program available for Windows, Linux and OSX, which allows you to decompile an application (APK) for Android, so you can edit the program file by customizing it to your liking and then recompiling it.

There are many new features of the 2.4 version of APKTool that you can see listed below.

Changelog 2.4.0 (Release 3 March 2019)

  • Updated baksmali/smali to v2.2.6
  • Fixed issue with new restriction with non-empty ids.xml file. (Thanks gino247)
  • Fixed issue with PlatformBuildVersion properties changing to unexpected values. (Thanks gino247)
  • Fixed issue with pending v5 Gradle upgrade, by taking point release v4.10.2. (Thanks Frieder Blumle)
  • Added no-crunch support via new parameters – -nc | -no-crunch. (Thanks Novex)
  • Added automatic tests on Windows environment.
  • Fixed issue when decoding .xsd files between aapt1 / aapt2.
  • Fixed issue with decoding applications with a malformed chunk header. (Thanks sebras)
  • Fixed issue with Mac scripts stealing focus.
  • Fixed issue with array (Thanks vbarthel-fr)
  • Fixed issue with 9patch images missing vertical or horizontal divs. (Thanks IgorEisberg)
  • Fixed issue with non-standard framework files. (Thanks IgorEisberg)
  • Fixed issue with resolving SDK Version Codes that were references. (Thanks IgorEisberg)
  • Added 32bit binaries for unix and win for aapt1 / aapt2.
  • Added ability for api-level to be passed to smali. (Thanks IgorEisberg)

APKTool 2.4 is available for free download by clicking on the following link:

Download APKTool 2.4

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