8 tips for taking awesome photos with your Android smartphone

Taking photos with our smartphones has become almost a daily task, automatic for most people today, but even so, we can not say that we have become experts in photography or that everything we photograph is beautiful.

But instead of taking the same picture hundreds of times just to get a cool look and a quality result, you may know some basic ways to improve your images without difficulty. We even list some tips to take amazing photos with your smartphone, how about giving a check?

1. Attention in focus

Nothing better to start than talk about the focus of your photos, after all, nobody wants a whole picture blurred just because no one paid attention to this detail. Many smartphones even come with autofocus features, but it’s always good to check more than once to see if everything is right before shooting.

It is also important to check if the camera is not focusing on the wrong object, something that can occur frequently. Fortunately, this can almost always be resolved if you touch the right spot on your device’s screen.

2. Do not use flash

People still insist on using the flash thinking that this will make the photos better, even if the effect is exactly the opposite. In addition to causing unwanted red eyes, the flash lets you leave people or objects with an artificial appearance or still leave certain parts bright and dark.

Whether you like it or not, the smartphone flash always leaves the photos looking amateurish and unpleasant. If the environment is dark, try to find other light sources, but avoid the flash whenever possible.

3. Do not use zoom

Another mistake people make with their smartphones is to use the zoom to take their photos. Believe me, this function is only there for anyone to complain that the device came without the possibility of zooming because it is not good for anything.

In real cameras, the zoom is made with the lens and offers a quality result, different from the smartphones that only increase and distort the image to give you the illusion of zoom. In the end, this gives the same thing as taking a photo and increasing a specific area of it later, which usually does not look so good either.

4. Use the lighting in your favor

Many of the secrets of good photography can be summed up in the lighting of the environment, so you should always use it to your advantage. Never point the camera directly at the light for example, this will only let the photo burst.

Whenever possible, try to enjoy natural light instead of using artificial lighting, as the results can be more enjoyable and interesting. Another tip is that you can test different positions so that the person or object photographed enjoys more light or shadows available.

5. Give preference to the rear camera

We know that selfishness is fashionable and that almost everyone loves to do it in their day to day life, but the use of front cameras does not always deliver good results. This is because these cameras always have resolutions much smaller than the rear cameras because they are less commonly used.

With this, you can end up with blurred and low-quality photos, which really does not help in the task of making your selfies more beautiful. If you like the front camera so much, we suggest you research and buy a smartphone that will invest more in it.

6. Test different camera applications

Smartphones, whether Android or iOS, always come with a native camera app, but they generally do not offer many options and some are not as intuitive or practical to use. Fortunately, Google Play and App Stores are more than full of photo-driven apps.

7. Try editing

It is no longer so difficult to believe that most of the beautiful pictures you see on a daily basis are edited in some way, either to improve color, lighting or to remove imperfections. So even if that photo you took did not look perfect, you can fix it with some photo editing app.

Since no one is born knowing how to do this, our suggestion is that you experience a lot of different applications and configurations. Try to get acquainted with different features and types of images to improve your skills.

8. Find the best angle

The angle of your photographs is as important as lighting and you should test every possible position to get the perfect picture for each situation. You do not even have to be checking each photo at once, just go shooting from different angles to see all the pictures and find out what works and what does not look so good.

By doing this on several occasions, you will already begin to better understand how different positions angles work best for certain objects or people. If you combine this with the lighting aspect, your pictures really look amazing.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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