7 Ways To Connect And Party With Friends And Family Abroad

7 Ways To Connect And Party With Friends And Family Abroad
A cheerful girl enjoying a virtual birthday party with loved ones. 

Staying Abroad, that too, in one of the most developed countries might sound extraordinarily exciting. The exposure, lifestyle, luxury, and a lot of other things tempt us unconditionally. But just like a coin has two sides, staying abroad is also most of the time beneficial and at other times, it has some significant drawbacks.  

One of the hardest parts about living abroad is when significant family events happen back home, and we can’t be there. That feeling of homesickness can suddenly hit us in the gut. In this case scenario, undoubtedly, you would be willing to do anything to get that next plane home. The memories of our loved ones can sometimes be quite overpowering. It not only affects our mental well-being but our productivity levels also significantly decline.  

When we miss out on an important family gathering, it is nearly inevitable to not feel the staggering sadness around us.   

This heart-wrenching situation makes us feel completely helpless, right? You might think that we can simply travel back to our family and friends to spend the time of our lives. But that’s not always the case. We, as humans, are tied with the shackles of work commitments and our careers. Additionally, traveling overseas can be unaffordable for the majority of people. Especially in the times of pandemics, traveling is not an option due to the quintessential safety measures. The safety and well-being of our loved ones is our topmost priority. Therefore, we cannot travel in this cautious environment.  

But, don’t stress yourself too much! This article covers up to seven most exciting ways to connect and party with friends and family staying even abroad!  

Yes, you got us right! We have listed down the most fun ways to spend quality time with your loved ones while maintaining safety standards. It has all been possible because of technological advancement and innovations. Humankind can connect from any corner of the world. So, without any more wait, let us straight up to get into these tremendous activities to fill you up with thrill and cheerfulness again!  

1. Play befuddling virtual escape games  

Everyone loves challenging problems combined with an immersive giving environment. Well, fortunately, we have some fantastic news for you. Your favorite escape room brands now provide the tremendous opportunity to enjoy their baffling games virtually! Yes, you can partake in the most animated gaming adventure from any corner of the world along with your entire family.   

These virtual games are accessible at a budget-oriented price. Thus, every family member can enjoy these enigmatic games. All you have to do is pick your preferred escape room brand and confirm the bookings. That’s it! The gaming brand would make all the arrangements. You will just have to sit back and enjoy this luxurious experience.  

2. Pull off a virtual cooking night  

You can enjoy an enthralling virtual cook-off challenge with your friends and family. Plan out a perfect day and decide on cooking your favorite dishes. You can also appoint a judge who will compare all the dishes based on the time limit and presentation.   

Just imagine competing with your loved ones virtually and coming up with your favorite dishes! How mesmerizing would it be? So, get your MasterChef going and connect with your loved ones today!  

3. Plan out a virtual family lunch  

We are sure that everyone loves having a delicious meal with their family. Undoubtedly, this can be one of the most memorable activities of your lifetime.   

Technological advancement has facilitated us to enjoy these activities even from oceans apart. You can easily log into your favorite video conferencing platform and enjoy your delicious meal while chit-chatting with your family members, just like in the old times.  

4. Enjoy online karaoke with friends   

You can enjoy singing your favorite melodies with your best buddies. We are sure your amigos will love the idea of singing their hearts out with you.  

You can pick your preferred time and decide on a suitable date for everyone. Just log into your video conference application such as Zoom, Google meets, or WhatsApp and sing your loved songs at the top of your lungs.  

5. Write a letter and mail your loved ones   

A token of love out of nowhere surprises our loved ones like anything! Therefore, you can stick with this old school idea of sending handwritten or typed letters to your family and friends. Express your emotions and feelings in beautiful papers and send it to them. We are sure they would be pleased with ultimate joy upon receiving these letters of appreciation. Additionally, you would feel great warmth in their extraordinary reaction.   

So, if you are thinking of something out-of-the-box, go for handwritten letters or even cards for your loved ones.  

6. Partake in online games  

Amidst the pandemic, one thing that grabbed the people’s attention was the online games. Several games like a house party, Ludo, among us, and so forth became significantly famous due to their unique gaming strategy.   

You can create a team with your friends and family to hit on your favorite online game’s highest score. It will not only be tremendously impressive, but you will get to experience a sense of togetherness even when you are miles apart. So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorite online games and ping all your friends and family!   

7. Have constant video calls  

Lastly, you can always pledge to have constant video calls with your loved ones. It will ensure a stable connection between your friends and family. Additionally, you would not miss any of the hot gossips going on in your hometown. It will help you replenish and freshen up yourself. Because we all know talking our heart out with our loved ones can be extremely therapeutic.  

Whenever you feel the need to lean on a shoulder, just grab your phone and call your #1 model supporter.  


We all miss our families at one point or the other. The overwhelming feeling of emptiness decreases our productivity levels drastically. In this case, scenario, connecting with our friends and family is the essential task. Thus, in the article mentioned above, we have carefully amalgamated the seven most fun activities to do with your loved ones. You can participate in the maneuvers as discussed above from literally any corner of the world! It has been made possible because of the rapidly developing technological advancements.   

So, if you’re searching for a simple way to connect with your friends and family abroad, follow one of these steps and rejuvenate yourself today!

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