Android Q: Here are the11 greatest features in the new Android

Every year, Google and Apple release new versions of their operating systems. In 2018, we had the arrival of Android Pie and iOS 12, respectively. Therefore, 2019 will bring updated versions of both systems. We have not had news revealed in the company of the apple. Google, on the other hand, showed its Android Q to the world in the event Google I/O 2019, which happened on May 7, 2019.

It is worth remembering that Android Q is still a tentative name, yet to be revealed. Another interesting fact is that this will be the tenth version of Google’s operating system, which has become the most used in the world and overthrown systems like the Blackberry, among many others.

Since its release, versions of Android are named after some dessert. Last year we had the Pie, which means pie in English, preceded by the Nougat.

While we still discuss what delicacy will be honored by Android Q, see below the biggest news about the next version of the Google system!

# 1 – Night Mode on Android Q

Although already a reality in the iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets still did not have a night mode of their own. So far, only a few apps had screen mode.

Among them, some calendar applications like Google Calendar and Google Photos already have a night mode of their own. At the event, the technology giant also revealed that it is working on adding the mode to another of its apps.

Android Q

On Android Q, the mode will automatically be turned on when you turn on power saving, as reducing brightness is one of the main ways to conserve battery power. The system will also have an API for application developers to include in the code.

This API will allow the app to know when night mode is on and will invert its colors to suit it.

# 2 – Compatibility with Foldable Cell Phones

One possible trend for the near future of smartphones is to be foldable. Despite the problems that Galaxy Fold faces almost as serious as the explosive Note 7 other companies are already developing their prototypes. Even Apple can risk a cell phone of its kind.

Android Q will offer full compatibility with this type of device. This means that it will meet and take advantage of the particularities of this type of mobile device.

Some of the possibilities raised by Google itself is a better fit for multitasking and the ability to automatically adapt to the dimensions of the screen that the smartphone assume at that time.

# 3 – Android Q will support 5G connectionf

Another technology that is already knocking at our door is the 5G mobile connection, much faster than we have at 4G currently. Soon, new technology compatible handsets will be released and the operating system can not be left behind.

Therefore, Google has already announced that it is preparing its Android Q to be compatible with 5G connections.

In addition, its developer environment will allow professional users to create Android applications and games using tools to take advantage of the 5G connection in their games or augmented reality apps.

Android Q

# 4 – Accessibility for the deaf on Android Q

One of the novelties of the next version of the system was created to offer greater accessibility. Through machine learning technology, Android Q will feature a function called
Live Caption.

It will capture any audio from the phone whether through applications listening to music or watching movies and shows and will display a simultaneous caption. YouTube videos are also on the list.

Most interesting: Live Caption will not need Wi-Fi or mobile data to work!

# 5 – Smart Answers

Another of the functionalities that will be possible through machine learning. Similar to what we see in quick replies from Instagram or other messengers, Android Q can predict its response to notifications it received from messaging applications on your phone.

According to the example of this blog post on Google, when someone sends you an address, Smart Reply will give you the option to open your favorite browser to find out how to get there. All this giving just a touch.

# 6 – Greater control over data privacy

The subject of data privacy on smartphones and social media is on the rise and Android Q will offer more control over this information.

The biggest example of this will be a new menu in the System Settings app dedicated exclusively to this issue. All control options for your privacy will be in this menu, according to Google.

Android Q

# 7 – Greater control over access to location

You’ll also have greater control over apps’ access permission to your location. Just like the new privacy menu, you will also have a dedicated GPS to your smartphone.

One of the options in this menu will allow you to control whether apps will be able to query your location at any time, only when they are active or have no access at all. If you choose to allow unrestricted access, Android Q will send periodic notifications to remind you which apps are accessing the GPS.

# 8 – Changes to Security Updates

In addition to privacy and location, Google will change the way security updates will be installed. Currently, most updates require you to restart the phone to be deployed.

From this version, they will be installed in the background, offering greater protection for those who can not turn off the phone for 1 second.

# 9 – A way to improve your focus on Android Q

You will no longer need productivity apps to stay focused on your work. The system itself will come with a special way for you to keep your attention on what matters.

Usually, we put the phone in silent mode to work. Although useful, we can often lose important messages or links because of this.

You can choose which apps distract you, and when enabled, these particular apps will be muted while the focus mode is active.

# 10 – Increased control over what children access

Many users borrow their smartphones for their kids to use YouTube or their favorite games. A common problem in this is that, often, the small ones end up staying too long in the device, which is harmful.

To help this considerable share of parents, Android Q will come with better parental control. Through it, the user can lock access to the phone at a predefined time. In addition, you can put a time limit on each installed application.

# 11 – Download the beta of Android Q!

The test version of the operating system is now available for download and is compatible with 21 devices, including all of the Google Pixel line.

Click the link to go to the Google testing page and download the next version of Android!

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