A Complete Guide To GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort

A Complete Guide To GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort

For several years, the Grand Theft Auto V in-game casino was effectively the biggest tease in gaming. When GTA V first came out in 2013, a casino with a “coming soon” sign on it was visible in the Los Santos neighbourhood of Vinewood. In 2015, GameRant announced speculation that perhaps the casino was finally about to open. … Read more

How to find 3D objects and animals on Google

Google AR animals

It seems that children can no longer have fun without a cell phone and, if you don’t see a problem with that, you can count on Google’s help. When searching for an animal or object in the search engine, a button activates its 3D version, in augmented reality, and the game helps to find that animal or object, … Read more

Emoji: how to customize smileys by combining two smileys into one

merge two smileys into one

How to merge two smileys into one: here’s how to create personalized smileys with Emoji Kitchen, the new function available within the Google Gboard keyboard. Great news for emoji lovers: it is now possible to create them customized according to your needs and your imagination by combining two smileys in one to have new ones and never … Read more

Play YouTube in background on iPhone: HOW TO DO IT

Play YouTube in background on iPhone

How to put YouTube in the background on iPhone? Here is the guide to having YouTube in the background and with the screen off on the iPhone in 2020 | Without Jailbreak iPhone YouTube background You own an iPhone or any other product Apple with iOS operating system? This article is for you! In today’s guide I want to answer a question … Read more

iPhone 11 wireless charging: is there or not?

Does iPhone 11 supports wireless Charging?: Everything you need to know

Is there wireless charging on iPhone 11? Can iPhone 11 be charged wirelessly? Does iPhone 11 have wireless charging? Here’s all you need to know iPhone 11 wireless charging Did you buy the iPhone 11 smartphone or are you thinking of buying it? In both cases, I can tell you that it is an EXCELLENT smartphone. It offers cutting-edge hardware, high-level performance, beautiful design, guaranteed software updates, beautiful photos, all at a not very … Read more