How to use Google Duo on your computer to make voice or video calls

Google already had some messenger services like Google Talk, Hangouts and Allo, but they did not make the expected success. This time, the company’s new bet is for the Google Duo, which with a slightly different focus, allows only voice and video calls, but that was previously only available for smartphones.

This week, the service began to be made available to computers through a web version, that is, it is used through your browser. Here’s how to use Google Duo to make voice or video calls from your PC.

How it works

Just like any other company service, you must have a Google account to use it. In addition, the web version of the application does not require advanced authentication, so only the first time will require the use of a mobile phone to receive an SMS code, which will serve the service activation process.

How to use Google Duo on your computer

As stated above, Google Duo runs from the browser. In tests conducted by Digital Look, it worked on Chrome and Firefox, so other browsers that rely on them should also be compatible with the service. Check out how to use it:

  1. Access this link in the browser of your choice to open the Google Duo website and click on “Try Duo for Web”;
  2. Log in with your Google account;
  3. On the new screen, tell whether you have ever used the service or not to start the setup process. For the tutorial, we will use the “Never used the Duo” option;
  4. Then, change the country flag to India and put your phone number with the DDD;
  5. Check the code received on your phone and enter it on your computer;
  6. In the message that appears, click “I understand”, and then click “Allow.” This permission is required for the Google Duo to function properly in the browser;
  7. Wait for the contact list to be synchronized, and by selecting one of them, you can now start your conference by voice or video. Also, at this time, give Chrome permission to access your microphone and webcam, if you have one;
  8. At this point, the call will start in the browser.

Ready! Now you know how to use Google Duo to place calls with your contacts on your computer. In addition, of course, the application also has versions for Android and iPhone, which also allow these same calls.


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