Turning Android Wi-Fi on or off at certain times of the day

While walking from one place to another with your cell phone, it is very common that you end up staying in places that do not have Wi-Fi networks available. This way, if you do not disable the Wi-Fi feature on your device, it may well be that your battery runs out faster due to the signal searches performed by it.

In the case of Android, the system does not have many native options to work around this problem, but fortunately it is possible to solve it in a very simple way. Here’s how to make Android have the Wi-Fi feature disabled or enabled automatically at certain times.

How it works

The process below, while involving a system role, does not require Android to have root. In addition, even if you have your Wi-Fi turned off, if you need it, it can be re-enabled when you need it, meaning the app you use will not place any restrictions on you.

How to have Wi-Fi turned on or off at certain times

The application used in the tutorial is very simple to use and you can set more than one time at a time so your Wi-Fi is turned on or off. Check out:

  1. Go to Google Play and download Simple WiFi Timer – WiFi / Bluetooth Auto Scheduler ;
  2. On your first run, continue with the explanation of its operation and, on the final screen, touch “Operate Even During Sleep”;
  3. In the main program screen, touch the Wi-Fi icon and then the “+” button;
  4. Now, define what should happen to the Wi-Fi function as suggested by the image below and click “Done.” Already back to the initial screen of the program, enable the key that is next to the time.

Ready! Now, just wait for the time set so that you have the Wi-Fi function enabled or disabled automatically.

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