How to transform Word files to PDF with Mac

If you are trying to turn Word files into PDF with Mac, it is because you need to maximize the compatibility of your document. Very often, in fact, computers dated or on which the Office suite is not installed do not support Word files, usually saved in “.docx”.

In that case, turning Word files into a PDF file will be very useful. First of all, PDF files are supported by many applications, starting with Chrome and Firefox. Not only that, because you will prevent accidental errors such as deleting paragraphs.

If you do not know how to move, do not despair: in this guide we will see how to make a Word file in PDF!


Transform Word files to PDF online with Mac

If you do not intend to install programs on your Mac, know that there are online tools to transform Word files into PDF.

Some of these are completely free, so you do not have to have a daily limit of modified files or features reserved for premium users.


The first service we suggest you try is SmallPDF, a free online service that will allow you to convert Word files to PDF.

First go to the appropriate Word section in PDF. Upload your file by dragging it into the appropriate box or by clicking on “Choose File”.

The file will be automatically converted and you can download it on your Mac or you can save it on Dropbox and Google Drive.


The second online tool we’re talking about is the iLovePDF converter. Also in this case you have to load the appropriate Word document by dragging it in the page or by clicking on “Select WORD documents” and then on “Convert PDF”.

You can then download the PDF file or send it as a link. Alternatively you will find the well-known online storage services, Google Drive and Dropbox.


The last online service we offer is the Word to PDF section of PDFCandy. You can choose to add a file normally or upload it from your Google Drive or Dropbox library by clicking on the “+ Add file (s)” button.

Once this is done, your Word file will be converted to PDF and you will be able to download it to your Mac. In addition, it will automatically propose you to change some parameters, such as password blocking.

Programs to transform Word files to PDF on Mac

As for programs to convert Word files to PDF on Mac, be aware that some of the following are paid. However, a trial period will be available that will allow you to access all the functions without any limit.

PDF Element

The first program that you absolutely must install on your Mac is PDF Element, which will allow you to convert Word files to PDF and vice versa.

Download PDF Element from the official page of Wondershare. You will need to install the “.dmg” file at the end of the download.

Then you have to load the Word file to be loaded and click on the “Create” button.

Having done this you will have to select the path to save your file.

Cisdem PDFCreator

Another very interesting program is Cisdem PDFCreator, which allows you to convert Word files to PDF.

You will have to go to the “All to PDF” section and upload your file. When complete, the file will be saved in the corresponding directory.

A correctly converted file will have the word “Completed” on the right, as well as an indication of the progress bar.

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