How to track location of your stolen Smartphone

We all save our important data on smartphones. We believe that our data in the smartphone is extremely secure, while in many cases it may be harmful to maintain data in the phone. One of these situations is the phone lost. The most risk in the case of a smartphone being stolen or lost is that there is no wrong use of personal data in your phone. However, users can track a lost or stolen phone’s location.

There is a built-in anti-theft app available in iOS Devices. Its name is Find my iPhone. It works with your iCloud account. You have to go to From here you can send a message to your phone. You can also lock the phone. Apart from this, you can delete the entire phone. However, it is mandatory to use location services on the phone to use it. On the other hand, if you do not want to use this feature then you can also use the third party app. These include apps like Security or Lost finger. However, these are paid apps.

Do this on Blackberry location track :

Blackberry Protect is an Antitheft Solution that works with your Blackberry account. Through this, you can track your lost or stolen phone. You can also lock and disassemble as well. One advantage of this is that the service automatically backs up your contacts and other data. Through this service, you can manage up to 7 BlackBerry devices simultaneously.

Do this on Windows Location Track :

Windows Phone also has its own separate tracking option. This allows users to view the location of their phones. For this, it is necessary to sign in by using the window live id on their device. To sign in, go to After this, log in the window live id. Enter the same ID which you use on your phone. After this, you can see the phone’s location. Also, ringing or locking on the phone can work as well. Apart from this, it can also be done on the phone that they save your device location details after a few hours.

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