10 Amazing tips helpful for WhatsApp on PC or Mac

Although smartphones are already the most used handsets to access the Internet, many of us still rely on the good old computer to work, whether in a formal office or through websites to make money online. Learning how to use WhatsApp from your PC can be a must.

After all, switching between desktop and mobile to see what WhatsApp can ruin your ability to produce, no matter how many productivity apps you use in your everyday life.

So, we at TechKhiladi will, in the next 10 tips, help you how to use WhatsApp from the PC and several tricks for the version for computers.

Check out the list below and start using the desktop application now!

1. Where to download WhatsApp for PC or Mac

Before you learn how to use WhatsApp for PC or Mac, you first need to download the application. To do this, just click the link and choose the version that corresponds to your computer:

2. Install WhatsApp on PC or Mac

The second step is to install the application. Click the executable you downloaded and wait a few minutes while WhatsApp automatically installs on your computer

3. Enable WhatsApp on the computer

After installing WhatsApp, it will prompt you to open the application on your phone. Follow the walkthrough shown on the home screen to learn how to use WhatsApp from your PC or Mac.

4. How to change your name and message

One of the first things you can do while learning how to use WhatsApp from your PC or Mac is to change your username and the message, which is the phrase that was called status before WhatsApp Status was released.

  • To do this, just touch your profile photo.
  • Then touch the pencil icon next to your name:
  • Similarly, touch the pencil next to your message phrase to change it:

5. How to view WhatsApp Status on PC or Mac

Did you know that you can also view the Status of your contacts from your computer? It is worth remembering that you can send a reply also by the computer. On the other hand, you can not create Computer Status.

6. How to start a conversation

In the WhatsApp mobile version, just tap the green button at the bottom of the screen to open a new conversation window. On PC or Mac, this button is not in the same place.

To start a new WhatsApp conversation from the PC, click the ” + ” button next to the Status button. Now, look in the list for the contact you want to talk to or put your name on the search bar.

7. How to create a WhatsApp group via the PC

As you saw in the previous item, following the steps will also allow you to start a new WhatsApp group. Click  New group to begin:

Add participants by selecting them from the list or by searching for their names.

8. How to enable desktop notifications

Even if you are learning how to use WhatsApp from your PC, this does not mean that you will no longer receive notifications. They will continue to appear on your phone, and you can also make them appear on your desktop if you want.

  • To do this, click on the ellipsis icon “…”;
  • Then choose  Settings ;
  • Go to  Notifications ;
  • Turn on the Alerts option on the desktop.

You can choose whether to show a preview of the message or not. Although it helps you know what it’s about, you lose some privacy if a “gossip” is watching your screen.

To do this, just check the Show preview option.

9. Disabling notifications

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use WhatsApp without notifications, it is also perfectly possible. Just follow the step by step shown in the previous item, but, instead of the alerts on the desktop, click on the list  Disable sounds and alerts by …

Choose whether to disable WhatsApp notifications for 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week. You can not disable them beyond this time, but there’s a catch in Windows 10 that lets you turn off notifications permanently.

  • Right click on the box.

Place the mouse pointer over  Focus Assistant  and choose  either Priority  Only or  Alarms Only ;

Turning off notifications will allow you to stay focused or leave your screen clean, especially when you are recording your PC screen.

10. Choose wallpapers for conversation

Now that you know how to tinker with notifications, it’s time to access another WhatsApp configuration for PC or Mac. Go back to the notifications area and choose the Chat wallpaper option  ;

Set what color the chat window will have or remain the default WhatsApp;

Remember that every conversation has a different wallpaper. That is, if you want to have another default wallpaper, you should change it in all your conversations and groups.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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