Things to do before selling your old smartphones

Since the way smartphones are being launched with new features, many users are upgrading themselves too. Last year, the number of people switching to smartphones has increased significantly. Apart from this, most users who buy new smartphones have upgraded to new smartphones. In such a case, if you want to buy a new smartphone by selling your old smartphone then this article can be of great help to you. Apart from this, we will also tell the users who switch data to how to transfer data from an older smartphone to a new smartphone. It includes ways to switch from iOS to Android, from iOS to Android.

Do not back up your phone data

Whether you are on Android or a smartphone with iOS, you need internet connectivity and account. It is compulsory for Android users to create a Google Account. Right now, it is important for iOS users to create an Apple account. Whenever you change your smartphone, you need the necessary data on your smartphone, including contacts, messages, media files, calendars, events etc. You can backup all these data through your linked account. Google users can back up their data in Google Drive. While Apple’s users can back up the data in Apple’s iCloud. There are many users who do not back up their data due to which they are at risk of data loss.

Data security breach when selling the smartphone

Many times, if we can not delete the data from our old smartphone, then the data of our old smartphone goes to the person we sell our smartphone. In this case, the risk of data security loss remains intact. Therefore, once the data is backed up before the smartphone is sold, the data has to be deleted. For this, you have to go to settings and reset the phone to factory settings. After resetting the factory, the data of your phone gets deleted and there is no danger of data security breach.

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