Things must know before buying insurance for your smartphone

It is a smart decision to insure a smartphone, but if you do not read your insurance policy properly, then this decision can be a loss deal for you. In fact, there are several conditions given by insurance companies, which can make us very heavy at the time of their unnecessary need. So you must know about all the big things related to the phone’s insurance.

Why is the phone’s insurance necessary?

When buying a phone, one question often comes in our minds why we should insure the phone, so there are many answers to this question,

Theft of the phone – If your phone is stolen, you can compensate your loss through insurance. Depending on the theft of the phone, the amount of money you will get depends on how old your phone is.

On the breakdown of the phone Suppose you bought expensive smartphone like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or Huawei P20 Pro. But before you use the phone, if it falls then all your money can be wasted. Through insurance you can compensate for the damage of your phone.

On falling into the water – if your phone gets damaged due to falling in the water then it can be compensated only through insurance.

It is necessary to have complete information on the insurance policy.

More than 6 months of insurance is available on the phone. It is very important to find out how many months’ insurance is available on your phone.

In most cases, instead of changing the phone in insurance, there is an option of repairing. So if you are thinking of changing it on the bad or breakdown of the phone, then when taking an insurance policy, check to see if this option is included in your policy.

In many policies, the call billing cover is not available. That is, if your phone has been stolen and has been called from it, then you may have to fill this calling bill yourself.

In many policies, the cover of losing phone is not available. Therefore, while taking insurance, read the policy well.

Whose Insurance Will Be Right

Operators- These days more network operators are covering the insurance on the phone. In such a situation, getting the insurance of any network operator can prove to be the right option.

Bank- Insurance cover being offered by the bank can prove to be the right option. However, its payment may take some time.

Third Party – This is an alternative which can prove to be beneficial and also a loss deal. It depends on how well you know about the policy and the insurance provider.

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