Avast Free Antivirus collects your data and resells it

Avast Free Antivirus collects your data and resells it

Avast, the free antivirus collects user data and resells it. Avast spies on the sites you visit and your browsing habits, then resells everything at a high price Avast spies on users The famous Avast antivirus and antimalware software ended up in the eye of the hurricane: the free version rakes up user data and sells it at a … Read more

How to make your headphones last longer and prevent them from breaking?

How to prevent your headset from breaking?

It does not matter if you bought expensive headphones, or if you bought something cheap, proper care and handling will ensure they last much longer. Headphones that break and become useless is the most common thing in the life of anyone who loves to use the accessory to listen to music, watch videos or even … Read more

How to block pornographic and dangerous websites on your computer

It is no exaggeration to say that pornography occupies a considerable part of the great sphere of the world Internet. Sites of all types meet the personal tastes of each user, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The big problem with adult material available on Internet is that it is not restricted to … Read more

How to find out what your interests are on Instagram

Learn how to use the Instagram chat sticker

Instagram has a hidden function in which the social network tries to guess what your interests are to show you ads. Here’s how to access it! Instagram is one of the most used social networks and constantly gains new resources to help its users. As with other sites, Instagram also ends up showing ads to users, … Read more

How to create unique, strong and easy-to-remember password

Creating unique, easy-to-remember passwords

Passwords are a very broad form of authentication in online accounts, but creating passwords that are safe and easy to remember is no simple task. In addition, this task is complicated as users use more and more accounts online. If we create simple passwords, which we easily remember, the risk of a hacker deciphering them becomes much greater. However, if we … Read more