What if we could hear the sun? What would we hear from here on Earth?

At a distance of 149,600,000 km from Earth, the Sun burns at a surface temperature of approximately 5,500° C. For us, it is just a yellow circle in the sky that silently illuminates the day. However, the star would be incredibly loud for us if we could hear it in action. As the sound does … Read more

OneWeb launches 34 more internet satellites and worries the astronomical community

OneWeb Sattelite

As if the controversy involving SpaceX’s Starlink satellites – which, even though still far from completing the constellation of up to 42,000 units, are already negatively affecting some astronomical observations due to their reflexivity -, OneWeb’s turn to continue its similar project, which aims to position a large number of satellites in Earth orbit to provide high-speed internet to the … Read more

Scientists found “echoes” in space that contradict Einstein’s theory of relativity

Echoes and uncertainties

Stephen Hawking elaborated in 1974 theoretical arguments about black holes that contradict the theory of general relativity of Albert Einstein. These ideas suggest the existence of something called “Hawking radiation”, which is still controversial today, since Einstein’s proposals have proven to be correct on many occasions from space observations. But that may be about to change thanks to a … Read more