Google Duo: 6 reasons why you should install this app on your smartphone

Google Duo is getting better and is one of the video calling applications that has gained more prominence in recent times. As of today, you can already make video calls in groups up to 8 people and this is another reason why the App deserves to be referred. Although there are video calling apps for the … Read more

How can I disable Facebook Messenger notifications from appearing on the screen?

You can disable Facebook Messenger notifications on Android to prevent them from appearing on the screen when you do not want to. Whenever you receive a new message from a contact, an icon with that friend’s profile picture will appear on the screen. This makes it easier to see when you have unread messages, but there … Read more

How to recover deleted messages: SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Inevitably, there are times when we end up deleting messages that we have on the smartphone and that are important. It can happen when we are trying to archive or export them, for example, and in various apps, we use to communicate in addition to the normal SMS system. But you can relax: there are ways to … Read more