How to find 3D objects and animals on Google

Google AR animals

It seems that children can no longer have fun without a cell phone and, if you don’t see a problem with that, you can count on Google’s help. When searching for an animal or object in the search engine, a button activates its 3D version, in augmented reality, and the game helps to find that animal or object, … Read more

How to play tennis on Google

How to play Wimbledon in Google. A new hidden tennis game is associated with the search for English tournament scores: here’s how to play Play tennis on Google On the occasion of the famous Wimbledon tennis tournament, Google launches nice news to all users who carry out research related to the English tournament. In particular, searching for “Wimbledon” … Read more

How to enable the dark theme of Google App on Android

How to turn on the dark theme of Google on Android

Google’s search application on Android won a dark theme, which has been disabled. Here’s how to use it! When using a mobile with Android, you automatically have access to various Google services thanks to applications that are pre-installed on the device. Many of them recently have gained a dark mood, which is ideal so that has the … Read more

Do not let Google to track you! Learn to clear location history!

Google does not have to know where you're going! Learn to clear location history!

Google literally knows everything about you. Including the places where you go. Having a smartphone these days is synonymous with giving up privacy. Of course, if you want Google services, Facebook and so on. Google is one of the companies that know the most about you. In fact, if you dare to visit this page and click on the … Read more