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Spotify ends loading songs on the platform by independent artists

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How to stop playback music after some time on Spotify on Android

Spotify without advertising on Windows PC: here's how | February 2019

New Spotify feature lets you pause music playback automatically. Spotify is one of the most used programs in mobile phones to stream music with good quality. In the midst of this, many people like to play music at certain times, such as bedtime, with Spotify being an interesting option for this. The big problem, of course, … Read more

Airpods : Guide and instructions to configure and use properly

Are the AirPods compatible with Samsung?

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Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited, a new Spotify for books: Here’s how to get it

Kindle Unlimited, unlimited access to ebooks and audiobooks. A sort of Spotify, but for books. Here’s the new Amazon stunt Kindle Unlimited It is useless to deny it: the Spotify business model works great and has revolutionized the online music world, practically eliminating piracy and allowing recording companies to make a comeback at a time when things were getting … Read more