What is nVidia’s G-Sync For Gaming Monitors?

What is nVidia's G-Sync

The G-Sync the nVidia is a technology designed to reduce the “break frame” in games when a game is rendered with cut frames, because of the difference in frequencies between the Graphics card and monitor. Understand what G-Sync is, how this technology works and how it differs from that of another brand, AMD FreeSync. What is G-Sync? G-Sync is a

Dropbox: Now transfer files of upto 100 GB online

Dropbox Launches Transfer, Service That Shares 100 GB of Files

The platform lets you send copies of large files directly to anyone, other than cloud-based collaboration with the company already offering. Dropbox has gained a new file-sharing option. The company announced the Dropbox Transfer, which lets you send copies of large files up to 100 GB. The proposal is different from the collaborative cloud-based transfer