How to send images to WhatsApp With iPhone without losing quality

WhatsApp is the application for the exchange of favorite messages and has several resources to make everyday life easier. However, when sending a photo or image by the application’s standard functions, the person who received the image may have noticed that it does not come out as clear as the original file.

This problem occurs because, in order to avoid spending too much of your data plan, in addition to leaving the file with a friendlier size, WhatsApp itself compresses the photos and videos even without you have opted for it. Here’s how to send photos and videos through WhatsApp on iPhone without losing quality.

How is the process done?

On the iPhone, the tactic is similar, but due to some system restrictions, it is necessary to make use of other services that can integrate with WhatsApp.

How to send images to WhatsApp over the iPhone without losing quality

The easiest method to send the photos through WhatsApp on iPhone without losing quality is using iCloud, however, it is not enough that your images are in the “Photos. So, see the process to also place them on iCloud Drive:

  1. Enter the “Photos” application and tap “Select”;
  2. Choose the photos you want and touch the “Share” icon, slide the sharing bar to the right and click “Save to Files”;
  3. Select the “iCloud Drive” option and click “Add”.

Now that the photo is on iCloud Drive, it can finally be sent by WhatsApp without losing quality, but you have to do a slightly different path. Look:

  1. Open WhatsApp normally and choose the person to whom you want to send the message;
  2. Touch the “+” icon up and choose the “Document” option;
  3. Tap “Explore” and choose the photo you want to send or click “Select” to choose more than one. On the new screen, click “Submit.”

Ready! Now, you already know how to send iPhone photos through WhatsApp without losing the quality of the original file. Although the submit process is different and the image does not show a thumbnail, the file is normally opened to the person as an image.

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