How to see the Old Stories of a user on Instagram

Here’s how to view the old Instagram Stories that are no longer visible. Guide and tricks to see the Stories of Instagram no longer visible because one day has passed

How to see the Old Stories on Instagram

How to see the Old Stories on Instagram

The Stories of Instagram are having a success without control. Extreme customizations, animations, the possibility of endless combinations and effects, are making an unprecedented success.

The only limitation of the Instagram Stories is to be visible only for 24 hours after its publication, after they are deleted and are no longer available in the Stories stream.

In this article we will go to see how to access the old Instagram Stories even if these have been deleted and you can not find them anymore. Here are all the ways to see old Instagram Stories.

Method 1: Activate Instagram Stories Archive

Instagram has a convenient function called Archive that allows you to save all the stories we publish, keeping in mind that the Stories Saved, are visible only to us, but if you highlight your profile, they will be visible to all your followers.

To activate the function, you must go to the Settings, in the story controls you must select the item Save to Archive and then click on Save.

To access the Instagram Stories archive you must, from Instagram, press the clock icon at the top right. To make Stories public you must select the item Highlight.

Method 2: Save them in the smartphone gallery

Another method is to save the published contents of stories directly in the gallery of the smartphone, Android or iOS, and you can activate the function by following the steps below:

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to Settings
  • In the Privacy and Security section, you need to enter Story controls
  • At the bottom you find the Save in gallery entry that you have to activate with a tap

Method 3: How to Download Stories Instagram

If instead you want to see the old Instagram stories of other users you must:

  • Wait for the user to top up
  • Save their stories on your Smartphone

Obviously if you can not do anything for the first, there are two applications for the latter, one for Android and the other for iOS that will do the work for you. But there are also browser extensions like Chrome IG Stories for Google Chrome or the storiesIG web service allow you to get the same result, save Instagram stories to see them again whenever you want.

Download Story Reposter for Instagram for iOS

Download Story Saver for Instagram for Android

Visit storiesIG

Download Chrome IG Stories for Google Chrome

We remind you that you can save old Instagram stories only for public profiles and not for private ones.

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