How to save YouTube videos to iPhone without installing anything

When using the iPhone to watch some YouTube video, you should have already felt the need to download it to watch it at a more convenient time. However, the process in Apple’s system is not as simple as in Android, where with a site you can already download it.

Despite this, iOS has a native feature that can be used to save YouTube videos to the iPhone without having to install any applications or shortcuts. Here’s how to save YouTube videos to the iPhone without having to install anything.

  1. Open the “Settings” part of the iPhone and enter “Control Center”;
  2. Touch “Customize Controls” and then “Screen Record”;
  3. Now go into the YouTube app and look for the video you want to record;
  4. With the video paused, slide the phone screen up so that your notification center is open and use the “Screen Recorder” function;
  5. Leave the video running and, at the end of it, reopen the notification screen to stop recording the video
  6. The recorded video should now be inside your iOS Photos app.

Remember that because you are recording your screen, if you want the sound of the video to be captured, it is necessary that the phone is not in silent mode. Also, keep in mind that most of the videos on YouTube are copyrighted, so be sure to ask for permission or if the content you’re recording is free of them.

Ready! Now, just enjoy your YouTube videos on the iPhone without having to worry about being connected to the internet or not.

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