Steps to recharge Metro Card with Paytm in a minute

Every other person is using the Metro today. It is a convenient way to move from place to place. The best thing is the Metro that it protects the passenger from traffic and helps in reaching its destination on time. Travelers have to buy tokens to travel in the metro. Many times it has to be done in the long line. This passes away quite a lot of time and can be delayed in reaching their destination. For this, the metro administration introduced the Metro Card. Travelers can travel without taking the token without having to recharge them. After every travel, the fare is cut from the passenger’s metro card. It is also recharged from time to time. Well, there are several ways to recharge it. But here we are telling you how to recharge the metro card from Paytm.

How to make metro card recharge from Paytm 

1. For this, first, you have to go to the Paytm app or website. Login here to your account.

2. Here you have been given some options on the top, there will be a choice of Metro. Click on it.

3. After that you have to select the name of your city. Example: If you are from Delhi then you have to select Delhi Metro.

4. Now you have to enter the number on your card. Then put the amount of money you want to recharge.

5. Then tap on Proceed. After this, select any medium you want to recharge from (Credit Card, Debit Card, NetBanking etc.).

6. Enter your details and complete your recharge process.

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