How to read QR Code with iPhone

The QR code is now applied on different products to know all the information in detail or allow quick access to links to websites. In this guide today we will discover together how to read QR Code with iPhone simply using the features integrated by Apple in iOS.

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How to read QR Code with iPhone from home

The first solution to proceed with scanning a QR code is to use the 3D Touch and hold for a few seconds on the icon of ‘Camera app that you find in the home screen of iOS. For those who do not know, the 3D Touch is a feature available from the iPhone 6S that allows access to additional features by simply pressing.

That said, after pressing the Camera app for a few seconds, choose Scan QR code from the small menu that appears. In case of first use of the feature, a message will appear saying “Use the integrated camera to scan any QR code. When a code is detected, tap the notification or drag down on the notification to see more options.”

After tapping on Continue (only the first time), frame the QR code with the camera of the iPhone to automatically scan. At the end of the procedure, a message will appear showing the content of the scanned code.

How to read QR Code with iPhone from the Control Center

The second standard method offered by Apple is the use of a function implemented in the Control Center. So, to scan a QR code, just swipe the upper right corner down, hold the camera icon down for a few seconds and choose Scan QR code. Automatically, the camera will open where you can proceed with the scan.

The Cupertino colossus offers a second possibility which allows you to directly access the Scan the QR code through the appropriate icon. If you can not find it in the Control Center, you can add it by following the steps listed below:

  • Open the Settings by pressing the gear icon you find in the iOS home screen and choose Control Center.
  • Now, click on Customize Controls and press on the + next to Scan the QR code found in the Additional Controls section.
  • At this point, to use the new added functionality, you just need to access the Control Center as indicated just now and press the QR Code icon. In this case the Camera app will open.

How to read QR Code with iPhone: alternatives

If you are looking for more advanced solutions than the feature stock proposed by Apple in its iOS, then you can take advantage of some free third-party applications available from the App Store. Find the list below.

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