How to make group video call using Messenger

Facebook Messenger Desktop

Like WhatsApp, another Facebook service that offers video calling is Messenger. With a higher limit, it is possible to join up to 50 people in a group video call in this application. The best thing is that, as many people already have an account on the social network, it is easier to find contacts. Learn how to do it. Video call on Facebook Messenger over the

How VR Can Change the World of Entertainment

VR Gaming

If technology didn’t exist people wouldn’t have a lot of commodities available today. Just think how the world would function if there was no Internet. Students wouldn’t be able to find the information they need, people wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other and they would definitely miss out on their favorite music and

How to Add and Assign Roles in Discord


Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging application, originally designed for gamers, offers lots of features that also make it attractive, including for professional use. Discord works using a system of servers in which several chat rooms (channels), for text or voice, can be created. If you have an especially large server, you may want