How to Jailbreak iOS 12 and install Cydia

iOS 12 Jailbreak is finally available. Here is the complete and easy guide to make Jailbreak iOS 12 and install Cydia on iPhone, iPod, iPad

How to make Jailbreak iOS 12 and install Cydia

Jailbreak iOS 12 guide

Finally we are there: the iOS 12 Jailbreak is available for all iPhone, iPad and iPod owners. 

As you know, thanks to the Jailbreak you have the ability to customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod to exceed the limits imposed by Apple. By downloading and installing the right tweaks from Cydia, you will have the opportunity to change graphics and theme to your Apple device, but also to add new features not provided by Apple, to download free apps, games and programs that would normally be paid and to have free in-app purchases on many apps and programs.

In short, the Jailbreak removes all limits from your Apple device and allows you to take full control.

For months, users who have an Apple product updated to iOS 12 are waiting for the release of the Jailbreak and finally we are there.

So, without wasting time, let’s see together the easiest, quickest and easiest way to run the iOS 12 Jailbreak and install Cydia on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Enough with the chatter, let’s start immediately with the easiest and fastest way to get to the Jailbreak of iOS 12 on any compatible Apple product. 

How to make iOS 12 Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad, iPod

The procedure to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad iOS version 12 – iOS 12.1.2 with unc0ver is pretty simple.

Basically, it is simply to download the app on the Apple device and let it do its job in total autonomy. Nothing too complicated.

But let’s see in detail what needs to be done.

Compatible devices

First of all let’s see what Apple devices are compatible with the latest version of unc0ver, 3.0.0 beta 29:

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Air
  • 6th gen iPad

The latest models are missing, but do not worry: the latest A12 processor devices like the iPhone XS and iPhone XR will also be supported soon. We will update the guide anyway as soon as we have news about it.


Before proceeding, however, read these recommendations:

  • Make sure no iOS 12 OTA files have been downloaded to your iPhone or iPad. If you have already downloaded an updated version of iOS but have not yet installed it, you can delete it from Settings -> Archiving, then reboot the device before jailbreaking
  • Some Cydia repositories may not work properly
  • Be sure to make a backup of all important data before proceeding
  • Proceed at your own risk, assuming all the risks and responsibilities of the case
  • Make sure your Apple device mounts a sign between iOS 12 and iOS 12.1.2

Now we can start with the guide.

IOS 12 jailbreak guide with Unc0ver and Cydia installation

At this point, simply follow the steps below:

  • Download the latest version of unc0ver beta: to do this, go to directly from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Use the search bar to search for unc0ver.
  • Tap the Get button followed by Install to download the app and install it on your device.
  • Now go to Settings-> General -> Device Manager. Touch the developer’s name and trust the certificate.
  • At this point, open Unc0ver on your Apple device, tap the Jailbreak button and wait for the app to do its job.
  • Your iPhone or iPad will be restarted during the process, after which you should see the Cydia icon on the home screen.

NOTE: if the app remains locked in the “Extract Cydia …” step, you will have to restart your iPhone/iPad and then try again to run the jailbreak.

With the procedure completed, you can open Cydia and install your favorite tweaks compatible with iOS 12. Later in the guide we will also see what are the tweaks that can not miss on your iPhone, iPad or iPod after doing the Jailbreak.


In case of doubts about driving, here is a simple video that explains in detail all the steps to follow. It is impossible to make mistakes:

So, did you see how easy it was to make the Jailbreak on your iPhone, iPod or iPad updated to iOS 12?

Which tweak to install after Jailbreak iOS 12

As promised, in this last part of the guide we will see what are the tweaks of Cydia that you MUST absolutely install after doing the Jailbreak to make the most of your Apple device.

In these 2 videos you can find a collection of the best Cydia tweaks  to download immediately after the Jailbreak:

If you want in-app purchases completely free on any application, game or program, you need to install this tweak:

This tweak, however, will allow you to download FREE all the games, apps and programs on your iPhone or iPad, including those that are normally paid:

So, do you have enough?

We will update the article in the next few days to tell you about other Cydia tweaks that can not miss on your device after doing the Jailbreak.

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