Install Deezer++ on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Installation guide Deezer++ on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Install the modified and enhanced version of Deezer without Jailbreak in a few steps with our help

install Deezer++ on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Deezer ++


In today’s guide we will see how to download and install the Deezer++ program on iPhone, iPod and iPad without Jailbreak.

Thanks to our instructions, you will be able to maximize Deezer on your Apple device even if you are not an expert usereven if you have not done the Jailbreak and without voiding the warranty of your device.

In short, you will need a few simple steps to push Deezer to the maximum on iPhone, iPod and iPad and add an avalanche of features not present in the original app that you download from the App Store.

Still don’t know Deezer++? No problem, I’ll explain what it offers and what changes compared to the original version of Deezer.

What does Deezer++ offer?

Compared to the original version, with Deezer++ you can:

  • unlimited skip Deezer iPhone, iPod, iPad
  • I listen to offline music (and download MP3 songs) Deezer iPhone, iPod, iPad
  • best sound quality Deezer iPhone, iPod, iPad
  • remove, hide, remove, block advertisements Deezer iPhone, iPod, iPad
  • Carplay Deezer support iPhone, iPod, iPad

and so much more.

Now do you understand how powerful Deezer++ is? Have you seen how many features it offers? So what are you waiting for to download and install Deezer++ now?

Obviously it is not found on the App Store, but below I explain the easiest and fastest way to have it immediately on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Do you need Jailbreak to install Deezer++?

No, it is not necessary. You can install the app even if you’ve never done it and don’t want to jailbreak.

How to download and install Deezer++?

Here are the simple steps to follow to install the app:

NOTE: Before proceeding, uninstall the original Deezer app.

  • Open the Safari internet browser on your Apple device
  • Go HERE
  • Click on “Install Appcake” located at the bottom
  • A popup appears saying “” want to install “AppCake” > click on Install
  • Wait for the automatic download and installation of the program
  • Go to iOS Settings> General> Device Management
  • Click on Mahindra and Mahindra Limited> Authorize
  • Go back to the iOS app menu and look for Appcake
  • When the “Join Discord” message appears, ignore it by clicking on No Thanks
  • In the screen that opens, click on Verify
  • The message “The website is trying to download a configuration profile appears. Do you want to allow it?” > Allow
  • Wait for the “Profile downloaded” message to appear and close it
  • Go to iOS Settings > General> Device Management
  • Click on AppCake Verification and then on Install
  • Go back to the iOS home and start Appcake
  • From Appcake,  search for Deezer++  and install it
  • When the download is complete, start Deezer++
  • Log in with your data
  • Enjoy Deezer ++ properly installed in a few steps and without Jailbreak

The only drawback: every now and then, in the upper part of Deezer ++, a bit of advertising appears which you can close anyway in one click. Nothing too annoying, right?

Before closing the article, here are the answers to some doubts that may arise on Deezer ++.

Does Deezer++ void the warranty?

No, it is a totally safe program, which you can uninstall in one click as you would any other program installed from the App Store (hold down on its icon and then click on the “X” that appears to remove it.

Is Deezer++ Safe?

Yes, it is a totally safe program. I have been using it for months and have never had any problems. Your Deezer login details are NOT shared with anyone or saved anywhere. They are sent directly to Deezer to log in.

Doubts, questions?

With this article on Deezer++ we have concluded.

For any doubt or question, do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of the article, we will reply as soon as possible.

Have fun with Deezer++! 

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