How to install apps incompatible by region or device from Play Store

Android has millions of apps available in the Google Play store, but unfortunately many are not available or are compatible with everyone. Whether it is for country restrictions, incompatibility with a device type (common with tablets) or lack of support for certain versions of Android.

But we know that almost everything has a way on Android, even this. If you have an app or game in one of these situations, just check out our tips on how to install apps incompatible with your Android!

Apps incompatible by region

Many applications can not be downloaded or installed depending on your region. This is the case with Hulu, one of the most popular video streaming services in the United States and that still does not work in other regions of the world.

Fortunately, there is an application that is able to bypass this region barrier with almost any app: the TunnelBear VPN. You should download it and install it on your device to begin the process. The download can be done through this link.

With that done, just open the application and create a new account, something that should not take much longer than a few seconds.

Soon you will see a map with several tunnels and a bear over the tunnel corresponding to the country in which you are. The first thing you should do is click the button at the bottom of the screen, which refers to the country you want to access.

Then click the button at the top of the screen to turn on the application and allow the connection as if you were in the selected country.

While the app is on and connected, you can browse the Internet (through the app, of course) and download apps only available in the country you have chosen.

It is important to remember that some applications that require the use of the Internet may not work when TunnelBear is not being used.

Apps incompatible with your device

If your problem is with apps or games that are not supported by your Android or your device type, such as smartphone apps that do not have tablet versions, the solution only exists for those who have already root on the device.

To resolve the issue, you need to download the Market Helper app ( you can download it here ) and install it on your Android device. With everything ready, open the app and you’ll see a screen with several options of device types, which will be automatically populated with the information on your smartphone or tablet.

You can change these settings for whatever you want, depending on what you want to download on Google Play. If you have a smartphone and want to download an app that is only available for tablets, just insert a tablet model, for example. Luckily, there are several options for you to choose from as you prefer.

With everything properly selected according to what you need, just click on “Activate” so that Google Play recognizes your device the way you “put it”. So, just download the apps and games you could not get before.

It’s only important to remember that not all apps should work as well, as some may actually be incompatible with bugs or other issues caused in your Android version or device model.

App Precautions

The help of VPNs like TunnelBear is great for anyone who really wants to use an app that is not available in their country, but it’s even more important to be careful with what you install on your device in those cases. In some situations, there are reasons why the app is not available in your region, so it’s good to do a search first.

Other than that, it’s always good to keep an eye on what apps can have and if they are dangerous in any way. Fortunately, this is not too hard to figure out. You can check some of our main tips below:

  • Check the app’s reputation: Before installing any app, it’s good to check the reviews made by users who have used the app before. In this way, you get a sense of whether it works well, whether it has many advertisements, offers some danger or has constant problems.
  • Do not click external links: If the installed application is not from a well-known developer or company, do not even think about quitting by clicking on links that will take you to external sites. This is an easy way to put your smartphone, files and personal data at risk.
  • Do not click on advertisements: We also recommend that you never click advertisements that appear in your installed applications or games. This can also take you to external sites or even get unwanted downloads on your smartphone. Because some apps put advertisements by surprise or in places hard to avoid, it’s good to be more attentive to it.
  • Do not give strange permissions: Finally, avoid giving permissions that are not compatible with the installed app or game. It would be very strange to see an app that will never use your camera asking permission for this feature, just to cite an example.

Were you able to install the apps you wanted?

So, did you like our tutorial on installing apps incompatible with your Android? So leave your comment telling us if you can take advantage of these tips and if you are already taking advantage of applications that did not work before!

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