Instagram Stories not working : 8 things to do

Why the Instagram stories does not appear?

Before we move on to solutions, we must first understand why these releases do not appear the moment Instagram advertises on their blog. The most common reason is that Instagram rarely provides a new function for the whole world simultaneously.

Typically, they launch functionality through testing for small groups in the US or elsewhere India and Brazil are areas where Instagram also tests new functions frequently. They then expand the test to larger groups of users and launch the tool.

Even so, the launch is still not simultaneous. US users are often the first to receive functionality, and in the days and weeks following the arrival of the feature, Instagram releases to other regions.

This release is done through internal updates – that is, you do not need to act or update the app – or external, which forces you to do the update in the Play Store of the Android or iPhone App Store. Even the operating system imports: some features are released first for iPhone users and then for Android or vice versa.

Typically, anyone who owns an upgraded version of Apple’s system (in this case, iOS 12 ) gets the Instagram stories first. It is worth remembering that this rule is not written in stone. Nothing prevents your Android, even if it is a version older than Android Pie, receive new features before the iPhone and iPad.

Here are 8 things you can do to get started with Instagram stories!

1. Update the application manually

As we said above, sometimes Instagram stories does not appear simply because it did not update your application. Not all features come in automatically. Even if you have the Play Store or App Store update your apps automatically, you sometimes run out of Wi-Fi, and the app goes unpatched.

To update Instagram on Android, find a Wi-Fi hotspot with one of these apps to find Wi-Fi password on Android and go to the Play Store. Then click the icon in the menu format:

Touch the My Apps & Games option  :

See if Instagram is in the list of updates to do. If you find it, click the Refresh button to begin the download.

2. Restart the phone

Some internal updates – those that you do not need to access your phone’s apps store – do not come in so automatically. If a stories item did not appear in the app and after verifying that the Instagram app is up to date, try restarting the phone and open the app again.

3. Make sure you are going the right place

It may seem like a silly tip, but sometimes we get confused when Instagram stories does not show up. For example, a few months ago Instagram Shopping was launched, which allows you to tag products from your online store in one post.

However, before that you need to have a Fan Page on Facebook, convert your personal profile to business on Instagram and create a catalog store on Instagram to then mark the products in your Instagram posts ideas.

4. Log out and log in again

Have you rebooted your phone, updated your Instagram and even fulfilled all the steps you need to have access but the Instagram stories does not appear? Calm down, it’s still no time to tear your hair out.

Another very simple alternative is to move from your account and replay again. To do this, open the Instagram app and click on your profile in the lower right of the screen:

Then click the icon at the top right to open the menu;

Select  Settings :

Choose  Exit [your account]  or  Exit all accounts, if you have more than one;

Close and open the app and enter your login information by clicking  Enter ;

5. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

If you have tried all the previous solutions and the Instagram stories does not appear, there is not much escape: uninstall and install Instagram again. This way, the application will be downloaded in full with all internal and external updates.

This can be a solution, as some kind of update transmission failure may cause the function not to appear for your profile. If you still have no access to a feature, try the following tip.

6. Ensure that you meet the prerequisites

In addition to knowing where each new function is, some functionality depends on fulfilling some prerequisites. To insert a link in Instagram Stories without having to create ads, for example, you must have 10,000 followers.

7. Not all functionality is enabled at all

Some Instagram features are not allowed for any user. Instagram metric, for example, can only be accessed by users who have the business profile.

In order to get the Instagram blue tick, it is necessary that your Instagram bio is complete and also send personal or company documents. Even so, the platform team may deny your request to have the account verified.

8. Wait …

Did you try everything we said above and still the result was a big nothing? So that means that the functionality is not yet available in your region or for your operating system – or even for the version you use Android or iOS.

In this case, there is not much to do but wait. It may take days or weeks for the functionality to be released to your device. So our recommendation is to go testing daily to see if the feature appears, as well as stay connected in the Play Store or App Store for the arrival of some update.

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