How to see the location of photos you have taken

One of the most common tasks to do with the mobile phone is to take photos, even more than each generation of handset passes, the results obtained with their cameras only improve. When having many photos, sometimes it is common not to know where they took them or to think that they lost one of them due to a large number of files in the device.

If you want to remember where you took pictures, know that your files end up keeping data in relation to them, but your way of viewing them is not so practical. Here’s how to find places where you’ve taken photos with an interface similar to Google Maps or Google Photos.

How to see the location of photos with the interface similar to Google Maps:

This first application is neither official nor developed by Google, but its interface that takes the style of Google Maps is a great facilitator. To use it, follow the steps below:

  1. Access this Google Play link and install the Photo Map – Photo and Video Gallery application ;
  2. When opening the application for the first time grant the requested permissions so that it can upload your photos;
  3. Wait a while until the map opens, and then you should see thumbnails of the photos you’ve taken. Select one of them, then tap the icon as shown below to get your exact location.

Viewing photos with Google Photos

If you do not mind not having the Google Maps interface and just want to know the exact location of a photo, the process becomes more practical and can be done directly in Google Photos. Check out how it’s done:

  1. Open Google Photos normally and choose the desired photo;
  2. With it open, touch the icon represented by “three dots”, go to “Information” and slide the screen down until you find the location information.

Ready! You now know how to find out the exact location of where you took a picture with your cell phone. The main difference between the two methods, besides the interface, of course, is so that the application can show more pictures that were taken in one place. So you can easily find photos that you thought you had missed while searching for the places you went.

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