How to open PSD without Photoshop

Photoshop creates its projects and saves them in files with .PSD extension and to open them Photoshop servers but in this article we will see how to open PSD files without using the well-known Adobe program

Open PSD without Photoshop

Open PSD without Photoshop

PSD files are projects created by Photoshop, an acronym of Photoshop Document, they are the proprietary Adobe format created for the most famous image editing program that saves all information about the project such as transparencies, layers, texts and much more in a single file.

PSD files are usually very large in size and for convenience are saved in JPEG or PNG format to get the classic image that can be opened with numerous graphics programs. But if you have a PSD file and you don’t have Photoshop installed, here’s how to open PSD files without having it installed.

Open PSD without Photoshop: Photopea

The first solution is Photopea, a website that besides being a complete and efficient photo editor from all points of view, with incredible features that give a nod to Photoshop and GIMP, allows you to open PSD files without too much difficulty.

To open it you must have the PSD on your computer and go to File -> Open and choose the PSD file that you can modify. Moreover at the end of the editing you can choose whether to save the project again in PSD or in another format as the most common JPG.

Open PSD without Photoshop: GIMP

GIMP is perhaps the most popular, free photo editing program with features that can be compared to Photoshop and among the many features available, it also allows you to open PDD files created with the most famous program. Clicking HERE you can download GIMP which is a program available for different operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux and other platforms and once installed you can open PSD files easily and then decide whether to change format or save it in PSD.

Open PSD without Photoshop: IrfanView

Finally there is IrfanView, which is an image viewer, which also supports PSD formats. By clicking HERE you will download IrfanView and although it is not possible to edit images, you can at least check on the fly what the file contains and decide whether to modify it with the two programs described above. Definitely a solution for those who want to analyze the content quickly without starting to edit the photos.

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