How to make group video call using Messenger

Like WhatsApp, another Facebook service that offers video calling is Messenger. With a higher limit, it is possible to join up to 50 people in a group video call in this application. The best thing is that, as many people already have an account on the social network, it is easier to find contacts. Learn how to do it.

Facebook Messenger Desktop

Video call on Facebook Messenger over the web

There are two ways to make a video call from the browser. The first way is to access the Facebook page yourself:

  1. Access the page and log in with your account;
  2. When opening the home page, choose the option to “Create group” in the chat window.
  3. Add the people you want to group video call with;
  4. Then, after opening the chat window, click the icon to start the video call.

Using the Messenger website:

  1. Go to;
  2. If the group has not yet been created, click on the icon to write a new message and enter the names of the people;
  3. After the group is created, click on the camera icon (in the upper right corner) to start a video call with the members.

Tip: Even if the group has not been created, you can add another person to an ongoing call.

Messenger group video call via cell phone

  1. In the Facebook Messenger app, find or create a new conversation with the call’s contacts;
  2. After opening the chat, just click on the camera icon to start the video call.

Messenger video call from PC

In early April 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook launched two Messenger apps for the desktop, one version for Windows 10 and one for macOS. The focus is on the video call.

After installing the app, the operation is like on the web. Just create the chat and start the video call.

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