How to have floating notifications on Android

It’s been a while since Android Q was revealed by Google, including the possibility of already being tested on some devices in the Pixel line. One of the features that most caught the attention of the public was precisely the option of notifications in bubbles, just as it already happens in the Messenger application for Android.

The good news is you do not have to wait for the Android Q release to extend this feature to other apps installed on your phone, With an earlier version of the system Here’s how to have floating notifications to interact with some apps without having to open them.


To accomplish the task mentioned above you will need to get a free app on Google. The process is quite simple to accomplish but requires some permissions to be granted.

How to have floating notifications on Android

The program used in this tutorial allows you to leave any system notification in floating mode, and in addition, some e-mail programs and messages such as Gmail and WhatsApp, for example, start to display their notifications in the same way as Messenger allowing quick responses. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Go to Google Play and download nBubble – Notifications in bubble;
  2. When you open the application for the first time, tap “Cancel” and then “Continue”;
  3. In the “Access notifications” menu and enable the “nBubble” button;
  4. Back to the application, click “Continue” and grant one more requested permission;
  5. From the app’s main screen, tap “Disable nBubble for the applications below” and select which apps should not show up with floating notifications. For example, we recommend disabling Messenger to not have duplicate notifications.

In addition to the procedure shown above, you can also set the timeout by which the notification should be displayed and also what style you prefer through the “Settings” menu of nBubble.

Ready! Now you know how to get a floating notification system on Android before launching the new system version.

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