Google Translate: how to translate voice and image using Android or iPhone

Google Translate is a smartphone app accessible by your web browser. The service, as the name suggests, allows you to translate different words and sentences into 103 different languages. You can access it at and you can download it for Android from Google Play or iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

Not everyone knows, but you can use the app to translate texts on posters and real-world boards, for example, just by pointing the camera from the phone to the marquee. Or, you can even translate audios and even use the application as an interpreter in a conversation via the handset’s microphone.

Want to know how to use Google Translate to translate images and voice? Follow the step by step below.

How to translate an image

1. Open Google Translate, and at the top of the screen select the languages ​​you want to use to translate. Just below, tap a camera icon to translate from an image;

2. The app will ask permission to access your device’s camera. Tap “Allow”;

3. Simply point the camera to the text you want to translate. Some languages, like Spanish, do not have simultaneous translation. In this case, you need to take a picture and wait for the application to process the text. Touch the red camera icon to register the photo;

4. You must give Google permission to process your photo. Uncheck “Allow Google to retain images for use in product improvement” if you do not want your photos to continue to be used by the company in the future. Then tap “OK”;

5. Then select the part of the image whose text you want to translate and tap the top bar to see the complete translation;

6. With some other languages, such as English, Google Translate allows simultaneous translation of content. Just make sure the eye icon in the lower right corner of the screen is turned on. In this case, the translations appear on the screen instantly, without having to take the picture;

7. You can also translate a saved image on your phone. Just touch the photo album icon in the lower left corner of the screen, give the app permission to access the smartphone memory and select the file you want to translate.

How to translate voice

1. Open Google Translate and at the top of the screen select the language you want to speak and for which language you want to translate your speech;

2. Then touch a microphone icon. When the application asks for permission to capture audio, tap “Allow”;

3. Just talk about what you want to translate and wait. The translated version of your speech will appear in text soon after. If you want to hear the pronunciation, touch the icon for a speaker.

How to translate a conversation in real time

1. Open Google Translate and at the top of the screen select the languages ​​that are part of the conversation: that is, yours and the person you want to talk to;

2. Then tap the two microphones icon together. If you have not yet given permission to access your smartphone’s audio, tap “Allow”;

3. Just say what you want and wait for Google Translate to do the translation instantly and still play the audio out loud. When the other person speaks, just touch the language icon and do the same;

4. You can also tap “Automatic” to have the translation done continuously while the two speak.

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