How to get water out of phone speakers without opening them

When you end up catching rain with the phone in your pocket or accidentally dropping it in the water, if it does not have protection against water, it may present some problems in its operation. One of them, for example, is staying with the loudspeakers emitting a muffled sound than the ordinary.

Before taking the appliance to a service center, however, there are some actions to be taken that may end up eliminating this problem without having to pay for this repair. Here’s how to dry the loudspeakers from your Android or iPhone phone without having to open it.


If your phone is malfunctioning and the following process does not work, it is recommended that you have it serviced. Also, if it is very humid, before doing the following process, let it dry for a few minutes, just enough to get the excess water out of it.

How it works

The process to get water from the loudspeakers of the cell phone without having to open it consists of the use of a website, which can emit a specific tone by the device, which can remove the water from it, being similar to a function present in Apple Watch. Here’s how the process is done:

  1. Open the notification center of your device and unmute it;
  2. Enter the “Settings” part of the system, go to “Sounds and Vibration> Volume” and increase the “Media” option;
  3. Open Google Chrome or another browser of your choice;

Ready! Now, just let the sound of the website play until the water comes out of the loudspeakers and they come back up and running normally.

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