How to find a movie that you can’t remember by scene or actor name

Are you looking for a movie that you saw years ago but do not remember name. Then don’t worry in this guide we will see how can you find it by scene or actor names

What Is My Movie is a search engine for film that was originally created as a showcase for Valossa, a company works in Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain. The idea is to show that there are new ways to look for video content and, luckily, have used movies for TV and cinema to demonstrate how it works. So you can find out the name of a movie you watched by giving some tips for the system.

How to find a movie that you can't remember by scene or actor name

Descriptive film search is based on a search for “deep content.” Engineers define deep content as everything we can see and hear in a video, but we can not analyze mechanically – at least until now. The analysis of “deep content” revises digital multimedia content that is not being indexed by traditional search engines like or, for example.

Deep Content includes:

  1. transcriptions;
  2. audio;
  3. visual patterns;
  4. form that describes the content of the video.

They are able to convert video automatically into advanced metadata, which is the heart of the search engine: a machine learning system that understands queries in natural language, as you speak. It even supports voice search. today has a library of 130,000 titles and claims that it is constantly improving its performance and updating the digital heritage. The site uses the TMDb API, but states that it is not endorsed by The Movie Database.

How do I find out the name of a movie?

Describe any relevant aspect of the movie content you are looking for.

What is my movie

  • find all Harry Potter movies
  • find James Bond movies with Sean Connery
  • show me parody films
  • science fiction film about space battles and laser weapons
  • Eastwood protecting the president


Search by typing the exact quotations from the movie using quotation marks:

  • “May the force be with you”
  • The best way to find actors and directors is full name in quotes.

The site also shows filters such as general, title, actors, directors and traditional search.

I did simple searches like the names of the characters Aamir khan and Karina and the system offered right away the correct title “3 Idiots”. The search in English, for “Hollywood movie + police captain” returned “Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (2010)”.

So have fun.

Use full sentences in movies, costume descriptions, character names, actors, directors, the cities where the stories go, and the system will try to sift through all the data in a movie to bring it to you.

And no, you’re not going to look crazy looking for generic stuff like “that movie, with a girl in the yellow dress dancing in the square.” Works great.

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