Enable chat notifications while the camera is being used

When using your Android phone to take a photo, you need concentration so that it fits in the best way possible. However, it must have already happened that you received a notification while the camera was open, capping part of something that needed to be seen to record a good time.

By default, Android offers no native way of only blocking notifications while your camera is open, but this is a problem that can be circumvented. Here’s how to get no notifications on Android while the camera on the device is open to take a photo or record a video.


As mentioned above, there is no function in Android for this, being necessary to obtain an application that can perform this action. Although it fiddles with system items, the program that will be used in the tutorial does not require your device to have root. After making these caveats, follow the tutorial below.

Failure to receive notifications

To prevent notifications from appearing on Android you will need to install a program that performs a “macro”, which is a series of actions to be performed, in this house when opening the camera. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Go to Google Play and download the MacroDroid application ;
  2. When opening the app for the first time, continue with the explanation of how it works until you get to your home screen;
  3. Tap “Add Macro” and “Get It” in the message that appears;
  4. Now click “Applications> Open / Closed Applications”;
  5. In the message that appears, tap “Ok” and give the necessary permissions to MacroDroid. If you are going to use MacroDroid just for the purpose of this tutorial, you need to enable only the first item in the list that appears in the “Accessibility” menu;
  6. Back in the application screen, touch “Applications open / closed” again and select the “Open application” option;
  7. Wait for the list of applications to load, look for the “Camera”, check it and tap “Ok”;
  8. Then, at the top of the application screen, enter the “Actions” tab and under “Volume”;
  9. Select the “Priority Mode / Do Not Disturb” option, tap “Ok” and grant the required permission for MacroDroid;
  10. Back to the application screen, click “Priority Mode / Do Not Disturb” again and select the “Block All” option. Touch “Ok”;
  11. Enter the Restrictions tab by touching “Get It” and make sure “No Restrictions” is at the top of the screen. Click the “confirmation” icon as the image below suggests and give a name for your macro.

At this point, the macro that was generated by the tutorial already works, but there is an extra configuration to be made. That is, the way it is set up, even after closing the camera application, the phone will continue in Do Not Disturb mode, not giving you any notification. To reverse this, you need to follow these steps further:

    1. On the MacroDroid home screen, tap “Add Macro” and enter “Applications”;
    2. Select the “Open / Closed Application” item, check the “Close Application” option and tap “Ok”;
    3. As previously done, mark the camera in the list of applications and click “Ok”;
    4. Enter the “Action” tab and in “Volume”, touch the “Priority Mode / Do Not Disturb” and select the “All” option. Click “Ok”;
    5. Click the confirmation icon to save the macro and name it. Touch “Ok”.

Ready! Now, every time you open the camera on your phone, it will automatically go into Do Not Disturb mode, leaving it as soon as the app is closed. This way, at least when taking pictures or videos, you will not be interrupted by any application notifications.

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