Best apps to download free music on iPhone in 2018

We have selected the best apps to download free music on iPhone. Only the best, only those that really work to download free iPhone music

Best apps to download free music on iPhone in 2018

How to download music on iPhone

Are you looking for an application that allows you to download free music on your iPhone, but so far you have not found anything interesting? I know very well that on Apple App Store there are many apparently perfect apps, which promise “seas and mountains”, but that then prove to be not very useful, if not even malfunctioning.

Precisely for this reason, and given the numerous requests we receive periodically, we decided to publish an updated and complete article in which we collected the best apps to download free music for iPhone. 

Unfortunately, at the moment I found only one app that allows you to download free music on iPhone, but I can tell you that it works very well and does its job great.

Obviously, if other apps of this type arrive, I will update the article and add it to the list. For now, however, you have to settle for this single app to download free iPhone music. Considering that it works great, however, I do not feel the need for alternatives at the moment.

Do you need the Jailbreak?


The interesting thing is that this program does not need Jailbreak: you can download and install this app directly from the App Store, then you can not only listen to free streaming music on iPhone, but also download free MP3s on your smartphone to listen to songs and music offline, when you want, without internet connection.

I add that the app is compatible with all versions of iOS, including iOS 12. 

But now enough with the introductory chatter, let’s see together which app I recommend to download music from iPhone.

Download music from iPhone

Warning: downloading copyrighted music may lead to copyright and certain copyright violations, depending on the country in which you are located. We are not responsible for what you download from your device and the consequences that may result.

The program in question is called Music HD FM Unlimited Player.

As anticipated, you can download it from the App Store using the following link: DOWNLOAD HERE

  • Once the app is installed, you will not have to do anything else:
  • start it
  • type in the name of the song or artist
  • start the download
  • listen to your song offline, without internet connection, directly on iPhone

Using this app to download free music on iPhone is really easy. No help is needed, but in case you need more details or information.

The app also integrates a fantastic player that allows you to quickly and easily play all the songs downloaded (for album, playlist, artist ..).

All clear? Are you ready to download free iPhone music? 

To date I think this is the best way to download music for free on iPhone: in a few simple steps you can download all the songs you want, even offline and without internet connection. And to do so you will not have to pay any subscription to Spotify Premium, Deezer Premium or similar.

What a show!

I do not know how long the app will remain on the App Store, but as long as it is there I suggest you take advantage of it! Run to download it before it is removed from Apple.

Program to Download iPhone Music – Conclusions

We have concluded with this article.

If you were looking for a way to download songs and music for free on iPhone, I’m sure you now have enough items available.

If you know other methods to download music for free iPhone, leave a comment at the end of the article and, after trying them, we will add them to the list if they are valid and comfortable.

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