How to download Instagram Stories and save in your phone

In this guide we will see tricks and apps to download an Instagram story on smartphones, PCs and tablets to save or share them on WhatsApp.
How to download Stories Instagram Guide

There are many reasons why a person may want to download the Instagram stories or content posted by others, perhaps to share them in chat on WhatsApp or Messenger. The problem is that, for privacy reasons, on Instagram there is no button to download the stories (or photos and videos) of others, so you have to resort to tricks, such as the screenshot, to programs and third-party apps.

Recall that Facebook and Instagram are constantly committed to implement security measures and privacy protection, so a method that works today may not work in the future. Without this premise, let’s see how to download Instagram stories and save them on PC, iOS and Android smartphone or tablet.

How to download an Instagram story

Let’s first look at how to download your own Instagram story, which is the simplest method.

  • Open the story
  • Click on More …, located at the bottom right
  • Click on Save story

The story will be saved on the camera roll.

There is also another method known enough to save story. Create your content, once finished, click on the arrow icon at the top, and Instagram will save your story on the roll. From here you can then take it, load it and eventually modify it (the elements already inserted, such as Gif, tags and stickers can not however be trashed) adding filters, music or other.

Download the Instagram Stories of others on iOS

If you want to download a story on iPhone or iPad, do so:

  • Go to the App Store and search Repost Story for Instagram
  • Log in with your Instagram account and allow access to device photos to save stories
  • Tap the photo of the user whose story you want to save and, once opened, click on the save icon at the top right. This will be automatically downloaded to your phone
  • If a story consists of multiple videos or photos, you’ll have to save the contents individually, not the whole story as a single video.

The app is free, but contains annoying advertisements that appear when you open the app and when you save a story.

On Android

The app for Android that allows you to download the Instagram is called Story Saver, is free and downloadable from the Play Store.

  • Install the app on your phone
  • Open it and log in with your Instagram account
  • The homepage shows all the stories of your contacts, but you can also look for stories of those not following, from the search bar
  • Select the story you want to download and press Save
  • The photo will end up in the StorySaver folder


To download Instagram stories from a PC, you can do this:

  • Go to the story you want to save
  • Right-click the story (not on it, but in an empty space nearby) and from the menu that appears choose Save. The story will be downloaded to the PC in html format as a complete Web page, but will be available until 24 hours from publication.

Alternatively, open the story you are interested in downloading and take a screenshot. This method works in the case of stories that consist of photos, but is not optimal in the case of videos.

Our help is Chrono Download Manager, a multipurpose extension that replaces the default download manager with a highly customizable one. In fact, it contains a sniffer that can be used to find and download photos, videos, documents from a Web page. It also allows the download of stories, in different variations and sizes. Also it is not necessary to download a piece of the story at a time as it allows you to download the story in bulk.

Alternatively there is 4K Stogram, a multiplatform software with which you can manage all the activities of Instagram. It’s free but you can purchase the paid version to access premium features. Once installed, go to Tools and select Preferences; make sure the Download Instagram Stories box is checked, enter your Instagram credentials and go to Login. Enter the username or URL of the Instagram account for which you want to download the stories and then from the Download drop-down menu select Only Stories (for users).

Regardless of the way you choose to save a story, remember that doing so without the permission of the person concerned is an improper practice and violation of privacy. We remind you that you can of course share the stories of others directly on Instagram by doing the repost.

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