How to download Fortnite on Android to play on mobile

It is undeniable that Fortnite is a phenomenon since the launch of its battle royale version. Free for anyone who wants to play, it is also one of the most versatile games. You can play it both as a multiplayer game for PC, video game consoles and on mobile. It is no wonder that “how to download Fortnite on Android” is a term that is much sought after by fans of games.

But the arrival of today’s most popular Android game came with a particularity: it is not available in Google Play, the official store of Android apps.

This makes it hard for anyone who has only the application to play but does not want to stop playing the phenomenal game, which competes directly with the well-known Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and its portable version PUBG Mobile and the recently released Apex Legends, not available for cell phones.

But how do you start playing the world’s most famous battle royale on your phone or tablet? See below for our complete walkthrough of how to download Fortnite on Android!

How to download Fortnite on Android

1 –  Open your favorite internet browser on your phone;

2 –  Go to the website or click the link if you are accessing the Techkhiladi of your cell phone;

3 –  Before downloading, make sure Fortnite is compatible with your device. Touch Check the compatibility of your device;

4 –  After checking the list of compatible devices and confirm that you can run Fortnite on Android, click the Download button;

5 –  Authorize your smartphone to download the Fortnite installer;

6 –  Tap Open to start the installer, and, after installation, click Open again;

7 –  Give the permissions that Fortnite requests and click Install to begin downloading the game;

8 –  After download, you are ready to start playing Fortnite!

5 Best Tips for Beginners at Fortnite

  • Start by playing in bigger teams: Even if you consider yourself alone player and prefer to go on your own, start playing Fortnite in a game mode with as many teams as possible.

By default, Squad mode puts you with three more players. However, some events bring 50 to 50 disputes, for example, which can help you catch the game more easily.

  • Do not run away from fights: as the goal is to be the last survivor, it may seem smart to hide and wait for other players to kill you, with you left in the end. Although this is a valid strategy, it is not the best strategy for those starting out.

The idea is to get combat experience, something that will happen only a few times if you keep hiding. So do not run away from combat and develop your skills with each confrontation.

  • Learn about guns: Each weapon in the game has its own particularities and is most effective in certain situations.

Using a shotgun on an enemy that is far away, for example, will not bring results and is likely to miss the shot or cause little damage. Up close, it has the potential to kill enemies with only one shot. In addition, testing different weapons will help you find the one that best suits your style of play.

  • Practice building: This is a very important tip, especially if you are more accustomed to other games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, which do not rely on this mechanic.

At Fortnite, not knowing how to build will prevent you from reaching the top spot in the game. The buildings allow you to reach higher places and protect yourself from enemy shots, among others. At the end of a match, with few players, knowing how to build strong fast is the difference between victory or defeat.

  • Get to know the map: Despite some seasonal variations, the Fortnite map remains the same. That is, it is perfectly possible to recognize some regions and their structures after a few matches.

So one of our first tips from anyone who’s been able to learn how to download Fortnite on Android and is already playing is: try to land in the same location frequently. In this way, you will have more knowledge about where you can defend yourself, the best place to land and where you can stay hidden to set traps.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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