How to download a video from Instagram on Android in an easy way

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment people post photos or videos of what they are doing to share with their friends, and it is still more used in mobile phones. Although your app has many options, the social network does not have an easy function that allows you to download photos and videos that can be viewed within the application.

Fortunately, if you use an Android-powered mobile phone, you do not have to worry about saving something you’ve enjoyed watching on Instagram. Let’s find out how to download Instagram videos to your Android phone.


The method shown below is not native to Instagram and depends on the installation of another application on your phone. In addition, the app you use requires permission for it to view your feed, just so you can select which videos to download.

How to download Instagram videos

The application chosen by Digital Look for the task can be obtained directly from Google Play for free and is easy to use. Check out how to get it and use it:

  1. Go to Google Play and download the SwiftSave program ;
  2. When you open it for the first time, grant the requested permission. It will allow SwiftSave to save the files you want to download to your phone;
  3. At this moment, enter your login and password for Instagram and click on “Login with Instagram”;
  4. With the login done, touch “Ok” in the message that appears and you will see a screen similar to the Instagram feed;
  5. When you find a photo or video you want to download, touch it and then use the download button as highlighted in the image below.
    After you’ve performed these steps, anything saved by SwiftSave should already appear directly in your Android gallery. In this way, if you wish, it is even possible to post what you have found, being careful not to infringe copyright, of course.Ready! Now, you already know how to download the photos or videos you saw on your Instagram directly from a mobile with Android.

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