How to design a poster in a few minutes with DesignCap

In an increasingly digital world, some adverting tools we use before seem old, while some other tools are still useful and powerful. The poster is one of powerful, informative tools: stuck on the walls or whatever, it speaks to all those passers-by who stop to observe it. And, for this reason, the poster also has become an effective tool used mainly for the publicity of music, movies, festivals, religions, exhibitions, institutions and so on.

In this article, I will introduce you how to design a poster in a few minutes. The easiest way to create a poster is to use online poster editors by choosing a template, customizing the template at your pleasure and downloading it to print. Here I want to present to you the most effective, fastest and easiest tool to use when you have no idea about designing an attractive poster. We address those who want to know how to make a poster with the minimum effort but with the maximum possible personalization. The tool I recommend is DesignCap developed by PearlMountain, a dedicated graphic software developer.

To work with DesignCap, you do not need to register or login in. All you have to do is click the “make a free poster/flyer” tab on its official website. You can start the process of designing right away.

On the left side of the editor, you can see some features it provides:

Template: You can choose from hundreds of ready-made templates, including vintage, cat, movie, safety, etc. All of the templates are free to use and divided into different, neat categories. It is a faster way to find a template according to your needs.

Photo: If you prefer to use a photo that you already have, you have the option to upload your own photos from computer or Facebook. In addition, it is possible to search for photos on the photo library of DesignCap. Without any technical requirements, you can now quickly and easily edit your picture to rotate, crop or resize.

Text: DesignCap provides some text font in case you are not satisfied with the font of the template. Of course, you can easily change the size, color, alignment, layer of text fonts. What’s more, you can also change the opacity of text, as you can see the picture below.

Clipart: DesignCap offers a wide range of clipart to personalize your design further. Besides, you can make clipart adjustments with a few clicks, such as flip, layer, duplicate, opacity or color edit and adapt to your needs.

Background: There are lots of fantastic colors and models from which you can apply it to your design. You can directly click the plus sign to use the colored panel, selecting a favorite color. Keep in mind that, if you want to change the background color, you have to be careful with your choice: the text needs to be darker or clear enough so that it can be easily read.

When you are done and satisfied with your design, you can save and download the result as PNG or JPG. DesignCap gives you operations to select the size of results, including small, medium, large and Xlarge. Anyway, it allows you to download results for free and without a DesignCap watermark.

My conclusion

The online tool allows users to design their poster totally free with hundreds of professional template. Besides, users can access and customize a wide range of photos, texts, clipart, and backgrounds. The complete design is done simply by drag and drop. In particular, if you are not a professional graphic designer and still want to create attractive posters with a minimum of time, you can be creative here.

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