How to Create Portable version of a Software installed on PC

If you like to carry your applications anytime, anywhere and on any PC, then you have to download or create your own Portable application so as to move it on all the computers you want with the settings, graphics and version that you use on your home PC even at home of the friend or in the office

How to Create Portable App

How to Create Portable Software

I always create portable programs so as to bring all my applications with the various settings around with me, and on all the PCs I use, bring back the favorite apps configured as if it were on my PC. Until a few years ago I was using in program, WinThinClient but with the latest versions of Windows does not work, but I found a viable alternative called Cameyo.

Cameyo is a program for Windows that allows you to create a portable version of any program for Windows and then take it with you on the external hard disk or USB stick. In this article we will see how Cameyo is used to create a portable application in just a few minutesCameyo is compatible with both Windows 7 and the latest Windows 10.

Cameyo in practice allows you to capture the installation of any program, and then turn it into a single package, working and portable. Since you have to completely install the program you want to turn into portable, you can use a virtual machine to create with Virtualbox so as not to leave a trace once the process of creating the portable app is finished.

Guide on How to Create Portable Applications with Cameyo

  • We start by downloading Cameyo and install it on our PC.
  • Now you have to download the .EXE file (the installer of the program you want to install) for example Firefox.exe.
  • Let’s start Cameyo
  • We select the Capture an Installation item and click OK and wait a few seconds for the program to complete the initial configuration procedure that provides to create the initial state of your PC.
  • Once the PC analysis is finished, a banner will be displayed with the entries Install done and Cancel.
  • Now we have to start the EXE file of the application we want to transform into Portable and which Cameyo will capture.
  • Once you have finished installing the application on our PC do not start it and click Install done and wait for Cameyo to capture all the installation files and create the portable app.
  • Depending on the size of the application it can take from a few minutes up to 50 minutes for Cameyo to create the portable app. Once finished you can find the app in Documents/Cameyo Apps;
  • Before stopping the capture, it opens a couple of times and close the program in order to capture all the final changes.

Now you have your Portable application you can take it with you anywhere with your settings and customizations.

It is good to specify that the files created with Cameyo, can be used on all the PCs you want, where it does not need the installation of Cameyo. I’ve been using the application for some time and I can not do without it. Of course, if you want to create your own Portable program, it’s a good place to start.

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