How to copy files to Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you bought the new Amazon Fire TV Stick, here is a nice guide to copy files directly on the USB stick without following strange and long procedures

How to copy files to the Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to copy files to the Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon stick of the wonders, the Fire TV Stick, is a small accessory that connected to an HDMI socket of your TV, even if not smart, and connected to a power source, allows you to turn into a Smart TV any TV and take advantage full potential to access Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, browse the internet, see IPTV, play and use Android apps with ease.

The small Amazon key in addition to integrating all the necessary hardware to work at best, also has as many as 8GB of internal memory, of which 4GB available to the user.

Since I’ve been using the Amazon Fire TV Stick for some time and I’ve always transferred files using the NAS at home, I want to share some simpler ways to transfer files to the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Transfer files to the Fire TV Stick

Method 1: Simpler

The easiest method is to connect the micro USB port, used for charging, to a USB port of our computer and also the HDMI socket to the PC.

After a few seconds of driver setup, the device will be recognized as MTP, so we can copy files to the internal memory of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, like a normal USB stick.

The beauty is that Amazon does not declare this feature, but I tried on my PC and everything worked perfectly, they see the internal 4GB partition as a normal USB stick.

Method 2: More complicated

The second method is to use the Cloud or at least a NAS as I do.

I used the ES File Explorer application that you can download from the store included in the stick. Once installed and started the app to search for the file from the Network or on the Cloud you must:

  • Click on the “+” (new) at the top.
  • Select your favorite service like Box, Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive, Google Drive, Mediafire, Amazon S3, Sugarsync, Yandex, MegaCloud, Yandex Disk and Baidu Netdisk.
  • I used Google Drive but you can use whatever you want and the service will be added as soon as you enter your credentials.
  • Upload the File to be used to the chosen cloud or transfer to the Fire TV Stick
  • Open ES File Explorer on the TV Stick and go to the Network -> Cloud -> Google Drive or other service.
  • Now that you have accessed your Cloud service, browse through the folders to search for the file.
  • Once you have found it, click on the central button to select it, then select the Copy item at the bottom.
  • Now go to the Local -> Home entry and select the folder where you want to copy the file.
  • I always use the Download folder.
  • The last step is to select the Paste item and the file will be copied to the Fire TV Stick.

That’s all. If you know other methods to do it, even simpler and more intuitive, write in the comments and we will add your procedure to our list, so that it can help everyone.

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