How to close Windows Store Apps running in background

Since Windows 8 Microsoft has introduced the Windows Store as the official application store for the system and with that, some preinstalled apps have appeared within the system. Not only are they not widely used, but the big problem is also that to stay current, many of these programs are running in the background without you knowing, consuming computer resources slowing them down.

If you do not use the applications that are in the Windows Store or you just do not want them to update automatically and consume memory from your computer, in addition to other features, an alternative is to disable them manually. Here’s how to prevent Windows Store apps from running in the background in Windows 10:


As mentioned above, even when you disable the execution of these programs in the background, they can continue to be used by you without any problems. To do this, simply execute them in the traditional way. In turn, to update them, you will need to open the Windows Store manually and perform the upgrade directly from it.

How to prevent these applications from running

To make this setting mentioned above, you do not have to make any changes that involve the system logs, and it can be rolled back at any time by the same menu in which it was modified. Check out:

  1. Press the “Win + I” keys together to open the “Windows 10 Settings” screen;
  2. Enter “Privacy”;
  3. Now, in the menu that is in the left part of the window, click “Applications in the background”;
  4. At the top of the screen, uncheck “Allow background apps to run”;
  5. Restart the computer.
The next time you start your computer, these programs that were in the “Applications in the background” list will no longer run automatically. If you prefer, instead of using the “Allow applications to run in the background” option, you can unselect each application that you do not want to run on your Windows.
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