How to find and Change DNS to fastest availble one

In this article we will see how to change DNS on Windows quickly using a small program that will guide you in the change of DNS with a few clicks. I remind you that the DNS are servers that are responsible for translating the name of the website, for example with the IP address of reference that of course is that of the server on which it is supported, for example that is that of

So using the right DNS we can speed up the web browsing because we will have a translation of the name in IP in just a few milliseconds. Some DNS are slow and take too long to open the websites of our interest, you can change them, replace them with other faster that allow us to surf faster on the internet. The fastest are those of Google but there are several that allow for example to surf safer, such as those of Comodo, or have special filters like those of MyDNS that can be customized.

DNS Jumper, only recently updated to version 2.0 allows you to change DNS quickly on Windows. The program is portable and allows you to switch from IPv4 to IPv6 with two clicks and also allows you to do a DNS server speed test in order to find the fastest server, you can clear the cache and apply the change on our PC.

DNS Jumper is available for free by clicking on the following link that will take you directly to the developer’s website:

Download latest version of DNS Jumper

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